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100% Fast Uptime Guaranteed

We host easy VPN USA on our own exclusive cloud. This permits us to offer the seamless uptime and incredible speed to our customers. In the event that a server falls flat, there are always other servers prepared to replace it, giving the finest, without downtime online experience.

Live Chat Support on VPN Service

We have committed support team available throughout the clock for live chat to help you with any inquiries you may have about VPN service. Be it a normal enquiry or any issue, our team is always there to assist you.

You get all this for as low as 3.75 USD per month
  • 10x USA Server
  • 2x UK Server
  • 2x Canada Server
  • 2x Germany Server
  • 128-2048 Bits encryption
  • VPN:
    • PPTPD
    • LT2P
    • OpenVPN
  • Proxy:
    • Socks
    • Https
  • Easy Vpn client
  • Extra Firewall
  • Control Panel
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Hulu, Netflix
  • Voip Support
  • Unblock all sites
  • P2P allowed on servers out side of USA

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  • The Finest VPN Service on the Web

    When working online, personal information and other vital data is always at a risk from the hackers. Our cheap VPN reseller service safe keeps your internet use and secures your information, enhancing your security on the web.

    How Fast VPN hides your identity on the World Wide Web

    When you unite with one of our VPN servers, you will be provided an absolutely anonymous IP address which implies nobody can follow your online activity by any means. We additionally utilize the same encryption guidelines that official administrations and governments throughout the world utilize to safe keep their information. These procedures guarantee that both your personal information and online activity are ensured.

    The Advantages of having an account with our VPN service

    The paramount thing about securing a free VPN service with Easy VPN is that you will have aggregate access to the World Wide Web paying little heed to government oversight or area blocking. You can get to Facebook, ICQ, MSN, Skype and different administrations regardless of the fact that your nation denies access to them. Our VPN service additionally gives you a chance to sidestep filters and proxy servers forced by your ISP, school or office, providing for you unnamed, secure and unlimited Internet access regardless of where you are.

    Cheap VPN service with 100% uptime assurance

    We ensure 100% uptime for our cheap VPN USA administrations. Because of our exclusive cloud, if one server breaks down, an alternate one will quickly get a move on. You can even switch between IP addresses and make it appear as though you are surfing from an alternate nation. Anybody can utilize our terrific services, even without any specialized expertise as everything you need to do is put in the username and password, go to the Connect button and you are all set to go. Enlist now for the free VPN trial and experience how our services can improve your online experience.

    Want to go for a VPN trial or maybe VPN trial account?

    Do you look forward to acquiring a VPN trial or maybe VPN trial account? In the introductory week of your month-long trial period with Easy VPN, you can appreciate boundless and unrestricted Internet access for just $0.01. Our service is totally competitive and we are sure enough that you will prolong your stay with us for all that we are doing for the new customers. Your free Easy VPN account is completely well-suited to your software and applications as it adequately assumes control from your general Internet connection, providing you a safe and protected online experience without the bother of managing proxy servers.

    Users who can take advantage of Easy VPN:

    • People who access the Internet via wireless hotspots
    • People who need anonymity on the Internet
    • Smartphone users who require VPN
    • People who need to protect their email or account passwords
    • Home Internet users – most ISPs do not provide protection against hackers
    • Global Internet users – VPN can help you bypass government Internet blocking

    Advantages of having a VPN account:

    • Custom personal IP address from the country of your choice
    • Surf the Internet with complete anonymity
    • Secure connection with 128-bit encryption
    • Eliminates the need for proxy connections
    • Seamlessly connect with your existing software
    • High-speed access to sites and services
    • Protection from password thievery through public connections
    • Access Google, Skype, and Yahoo from any country worldwide
    • Access P2P networks from outside the US
    • Access any site from anywhere in the globe regardless of restrictions
    • Anonymous Internet access through your iPhone or Android phone
    • Total security – even we don’t monitor our clients!