VPN client download for free

Just as its name suggests, our Easy VPN Client is designed to be easy to use. After installation, start the program and begin by entering your username and password. Then, choose your preferred connection: either PPTP or OpenVPN. (We recommend OpenVPN for speed and security). Finally, choose your server and click Connect.

EasyVPN Speed Test

Our client’s built-in speed test will let you see which of our VPN servers will give you the best speed while you are connected. You don’t even require a username or password to run the speed test: you can install the client and see what kind of speed you can get where you live even before you sign up with us!

VPN client

It’s never been so easy to work around a firewall!

If the firewall on your network or your ISP firewall blocks the connection port used by the Easy VPN Client, you can easily change it under Config Settings. If you want us to open another port, you can make a request with our support department and we will be more than willing to assist you. Most ISPs use QOS to determine which ports to give priority to, so changing the port can increase your Internet download speeds.

VPN client

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