5 The Best and Fastest Free VPN for Android

5 The Best and Fastest Free VPN for Android in 2021 (EASY TUNING)

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Some of the most dangerous free Android VPN has millions of downloads and high ratings on Google Play . Most of these services install malicious programs (malware) on mobile phones or sell your personal data. The service can also make your device vulnerable to hack-in some rare cases, hackers can then use your phone to perform illegal activities and dribble you into legal matters!

There are also many free VPN applications that have bad performance. The best option even has data constraints, reduce speed, and block access to streaming platforms such as Netflix.

It ‘ s hard to know which services keep you safe and work well-especially since other VPN sites recommend the already known provider can harm users. For your security, i have tested the top 50 free Android VPN on Google Play to write down the list of the 5 best services . All of these services provide a decent level of security and a quick connection. I ‘ ve also been trying if these services they can function with apps and popular streaming sites (only a few services can do it).

In order to avoid a dangerous free Android VPN, I advise you using trusted VPN providers such as, Surfshark that has proven to keep user security. In addition, Surfshark is very suitable if you ‘ re being frugable-you can protect devices without limits at a price cheaper than the price of a cup of coffee.

Quick Guide: 5 Best Free VPN for Android in 2021

  1. NordVPN #1 VPN Android with super high speed, military grade security, and ability to penetrate geographic block from anywhere . Use it for free for 30 days with refunds of money back (suitable to watch your favorite shows).
  2. ProtonVPN Without data restrictions for browsing is not limited and by using Android apps, but only offers 3 servers for free users.
  3. Hide.me. The security features are amazing. for secure browsing, but not unblocking Netflix or other streaming services for users who use the free service.
  4. Shield hotspot. High speed and additional daily data , but his privacy feature is not as strong as any other VPN on this list.
  5. TunnelBear. 23 different server options , but limit users who use the free service with an additional monthly data of 500 MB.

5 Fast and Safest VPN for Android in 2021

1. NordVPN- #1 The Best Android VPN to Secure Your Device and Watch Netflix (Free For 30 Days)!

Main Feature:

  • 5,750+ peladen in 59 countries (including Indonesia), for fast and reliable connections around the world
  • Without restriction to speed, data constraint, or security
  • Military-grade encryption keeps your connection safe and private
  • Unblock big streaming sites like Netflix, Disney +, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video from anywhere
  • This app is very compatible with Android version 5.0-11

NordVPN is one of the safest and fastest Android VPN to exist and you can use it for free for 30 days (the number of days is right to watch the favorite show!). The service offers military-grade encryption to protect data even when you connect a mobile phone to an insecure public WiFi. With this level of security, you can feel secure accessing a personal account from anywhere.

NordVPN also has more than 5,750+ servers in 59 countries-this is awesome because most of the VPN in this list offers only about 5 peladines. This large network of servers lets you penetrate the geographic blocking of web sites and streaming services such as Hulu, Disney +, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime. I am very happy NordVPN can even penetrate the difficult Netflix proxy error message and unblock 10 + varieties of Netflix collection , including Netflix Indonesia. There ‘ s no other VPN in this list that can do it.

For me, there is nothing more annoying than a VPN that penetrates the geographic block, but then you have to wait for the long-to-finish buffering. To test its own streaming capabilities, I hooked up to the US servers and watched all the episodes Tiger King. On Netflix. I’m impressed because can watch streaming in UltraHD with no-taker (buffering) with NordVPN .

I watch Tiger King in UltraHD with NordVPN on Android

NordVPN can also be used to perform torrent because it offers P2P-optimized servers that are optimized for quick download. This VPN also never limits the width of your ribbons or your data. During testing , I was surprised to be able to do torrent quickly and safely-for example, I downloaded the video with a 28-minute (500 MB) duration in 2 minutes while I still kept using other apps like Instagram.

Because of the many free Android VPN that sells user data, I do n’ t want to risk anything with a unreliable VPN. Initially, I was skeptical about the warranty without registrations because almost all VPN claims the service does not store your data records. To prove it this service is not boasting like any other provider, NordVPN hired cybersecurity experts to test its security policies and systems. They even published the results to prove that NordVPN does not store user data This evidence convinced me that my cell phone exploration data is 100% private.

The only potential problem I find in NordVPN is that this service cannot function with the 4.4 KitKat version of Android (API 19) or under it . However, because it ‘ s very easy to set it up in Android and the app is functioning well with Android 5.0-11, I do n’ t consider this as a big problem. In addition, NordVPN offers its application in Indonesian, so that ‘ s the other advantage.

Even though there is a 30-day limit to try it for free, I still have to put NordVPN in the top order of this list because so far, here ‘ s the fastest and safest Android VPN. No other service is similar to offering the same labeling options, streaming compatibility, or great security. In addition, its customer service helps address any subscription issues or applications that you may experience.

After watching all of Tiger King ‘ s episodes for 25 days, I received a refund quickly and easily

My statement may be wrong-you can get the benefit of the money guarantee return for 30 days from NordVPN to try it without risk at all. If you cancel the subscription in a timely way, you can use this VPN for a month without issuing a dime. I have contacted the customer service via a live chat on the site (which is also available in Indonesian for 2 minutes and my money returns to the account within 4 days. Initially, the customer support representative tried to address the issue so that I would continue to use the service, but when I told them I was not interested, they immediately processed my request. The process is fast and no problem exists.

NordVPN unblocking: Netflix, Disney +, YouTube TV, BBC iPlayer, FuboTV, Hulu, HBO NOW, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

NordVPN can also be used at: Android TV, Android tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, perute, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Apple TV, and much more.

2. ProtonVPN-Without Limitation Of Data Or Advertising For Uninterrupted Browsing

Main Feature:

  • 3 safe ports in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands for reliable connections
  • Without data restrictions for web browsing and the use of unlimited applications
  • 256-bit encryption offers the same security as paid version
  • Unblock popular web sites and Android apps
  • Compatible with Android version 5.0-11

Unlike most services, the free version of ProtonVPN has no data usage constraint . This service makes it a suitable option for browsing the web in Chrome and using its older Android app. With ProtonVPN, the service will never be interrupted unexpectedly as it has reached data constraint.

The other big advantage is ProtonVPN does not air any disruptive or malicious advertisement in its free version . For me, this is a big advantage because I was never bothered by the crest view while accessing my favorite site. The absence of ads also makes ProtonVPN safer-if the ad directs you to a malicious website, your phone could be infected with a malicious program (malware). I feel relieved because I do n’ t have to deal with the potential of this security issue by using ProtonVPN.

Users who use the free service also get the same security features as powerful It’s like protection from leaks and military-grade encryption in order to keep your data security from hackers, government scouts, and other third parties that are not trustworthy. To ensure this service completely maintains my data privacy, I run the IP and DNS address leak test with the ProtonVPN being used. I feel calm when I find out that the ProtonVPN has absolutely never revealed my true location.

The leak test shows that ProtonVPN concealed the actual location and my personal data

One of the main drawbacks is ProtonVPN offers only 3 different servers for users with free service . Limited options can lead to a stampede server, so it can lead to a decrease in speed (especially during busy times). During the testing, I was a bit upset because the timing of his recovery became slow as I scrolled up to the Facebook page and emailed back.

I’m also very disappointed because Unlimited free version cannot function with any popular streaming service. , especially since the premium package can function with multiple platforms like Netflix. This is how the company is trying to force you to improve the package. While this is upsetting, I still consider ProtonVPN is a suitable option if you want a free VPN to explore the web safely, access social media, and use gaming apps.

You can test its own ProtonVPN-after download and install it on your Android , exploration can be done.

ProtonVPN unblocking: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Wikipedia, Spotify, Telegram, Pinterest, Reddit, Google Meet, and much more.

ProtonVPN can also be used at: Android tablets, Mac, iOS, Linux, Windows, perute, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and many more.

3. Hide.me-Additional Security Features for Safe Exploration and Application Use

Main Feature:

  • 5 free-flotation locations for reliable and fast connections
  • Monthly 10 GB of data for web browsing
  • AES 256-bit encryption and non-record policy to keep your data security
  • Unblock popular web sites and Android apps
  • Compatible with Android version 5.0-11

Hide.me uses industry-standard protection and special security features to protect your privacy. Like any other VPN on this list, Hide.me using military-grade encryption. to ensure that the lookouts are unable to retrieve your sensitive data. I was also amazed at learning that this service invited the cyber security expert at DefenseCode Ltd. to check its labeling. Along with the no-record policy, it convinced me that my personal phone data would not be stalked.

Hide.me ‘ s Privacy Policy shows that this service does not collect your sensitive data

I am also pleased to know that the free version of Hide.me offers a split tunneling feature so you can connect certain applications through the VPN as well as connect the other normally. The feature is suitable if you want to protect a personal email account while watching local news.

Besides the good security, I’m happy because Hide.me provides high speed .. When I tested the nearest US pronunciation, I felt relieved because Hide.me was quick enough to do a video call on Google Duo without reducing audio or video quality. As I watch the video on YouTube, the loading also runs quickly in high quality and there is only a bit of a bit of a poet (buffering).

Unfortunately, I’m disappointed because Hide.me has a monthly data limit of 10 GB and does not unblock the streaming service (like Netflix). While the data limit is enough for regular web browsing and email reply, you ‘ ll feel restricted if you want to watch YouTube videos or listen to music. I was disappointed because the Hide.me limit only allowed me to watch about 6.5 hours of YouTube videos in HD quality before I used my data quota-this data is less enough for the full month-long usage (especially if you like listen to music during a day of work like me).

Regardless of these limits, in my opinion, the privacy protection of Hide.me makes it a good choice for Android. You do n’ t even need to give your email to register-enough download the app and try it for free . In addition, the customer service hide.me can help you address any mounting or connection issues via direct or email chats.

Hide.me unblocking: YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Google Hangouts, Spotify, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many more.

Hide.me can also be used at: Android tablets, Amazon Fire OS, Windows, iOS, Linux, Firefox, Chrome, perute, and many more.

4. Hotspot Shield-Provides a Quality Web Exploration and Limitation of 500 MB Daily Data

Main Feature:

  • 1 free server location
  • 15 GB monthly data limit is sufficient to watch content for 30-60 minutes each day
  • AES 256-bit encryption and no record-keeping policy to keep your security
  • Unblock YouTube, social media, and other websites
  • Compatible with Android version 5.0-111

Since it only offers 1 server location and restricts the speed of free users, I guess the speed in Hotspot Shield will be slow. However, I was surprised because I’m getting high speed to explore the web, use social media, and watch YouTube videos! The timing is also relatively quick and I just experienced a little bit of the buffering. I did notice that his speed was a little downhill during the busy times (probably because of the full pronunciation) but that did not have much effect on my experience.

I get high speed in Hotspot Shield for Android even though there is data constraint

Unfortunately, Hotspot Shield ca n’ t provide access to Netflix and Disney + unless you’re in the US. This makes me irritated because I think this VPN is perfectly suited for streaming. This 500 MB VPN data limit is enough to watch 30-60 minutes of YouTube content every day, and its high speed gives me a good streaming quality. I even know if the service is compatible with Kodi! However, the fact that Hotspot Shield only allows premium users access to streaming platforms overseas is a huge limit.

I also learned that his privacy policy is not as strong as that used by other VPN on this list. Hotspot Shield collects some of your personal data . It might not be a big deal if you just want to use a VPN to surf the web with more safely overseas, but I personally prefer services with a strict no-record policy so I can stay 100% Anonymous online.

If you only want to use a VPN to unblock social media and web sites while being abroad, the Hotspot Shield may be a suitable option for you. To try it alone, download the application and start streaming .

The Shield hotspot unblocked: YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, and many more.

The Shield hotspot can also be used at: Android TV, Android tablets, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Smart TV, and much more.

5. TunnelBear-Peladen with P2P to Do Torrents Safely and Share Files

Main Feature:

  • 23 free ports.
  • Sufficient 500 MB monthly data limitations for web browsing and regular applications
  • AES 256-bit encryption and non-record policies to keep you safe.
  • Unblock HBO NOW
  • Compatible with Android version 5.0-11

TunnelBear is one of the best free Android VPN devices to penetrate the geographic block because the service offers 23 peladines in 20 different countries. This large network will provide many options so as to breach the region ‘ s restrictions for your favorite content and web sites while traveling.

The free version of this service also provides you with the same security features as the premium version , including 256-bit encryption to maintain data security. This encryption is the same level of encryption used by the U.S. military, so you can be sure that lookouts will not be able to monitor torrenting and other online activities.

Unfortunately, The TunnelBear limits the data to 500 MB per month. , that’s quite a curb. The good news is that if you send a tweet about TunnelBear, you can get a one-time data bonus of 1 GB. Keep in mind that the rest of this data will not be merged into the next month if it is not used all of it.

TunnelBear gave me an additional 1 GB of data after sending a tweet about @theTunnelBear

I want to test the use of TunnelBear with Netflix to know how long the data limit can be used for streaming, but I ca n’ t even get in because TunnelBear ca n’ t penetrate Netflix ‘ s blocking consistently (even though you are in the US). Even though I can get into HBO Go, I ‘ m annoyed because the data restrictions prevent me watching one complete episode ♪ Game of Thrones ♪ .

If you just want to explore the web safely, the TunnelBear is a fitting choice. Simply list with your email and email. download the application to try it yourself .

TunnelBear unblocked: HBO NOW, Spotify, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and many more.

The tunnelBear can be used at: Android tablets, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, Chrome, Firefox, Roku, Kodi, and many more.

How to Work Android VPN and Why You Need It

When connected to the Android VPN , your internet traffic is encrypted and diverted through secure servers in other locations . This process encodes the data and gives you a new IP address, which outgoes the website to think that you are in another region. Here is the way the VPN is so you can:

  • Stay safe on an insecure WiFi network . Your phone is constantly communicating and may be automatically connected to an insecure public WiFi. A qualified VPN will prevent hackers from using this connection to steal the details of social media login and your online bank account.
  • Penetrating content block . A high quality VPN will hide the IP address in order to give you access to geographically blocked media content, and applications as well as websites censored by the government.
  • Watch your favorite shows from anywhere . On your next trip abroad, the right VPN can keep you following a favorite series by opening a key-bounded streaming platform based on the region.
  • Protect your privacy from the scouts . Most Android apps, websites, and ISPs track as well as sell sensitive data about you (such as actual locations, online history, IP addresses, and more). Government agencies can also monitor the things you say and do online. A high quality VPN can protect your privacy and maintain anonymity when online.

Security Flaws and Compatibility of Free Android VPN

In addition to the services recommended in this list, there are only a few Free VPN that is well-functioning and secure for use on Android devices. However, there is always a shortage associated with this free VPN such as:

Security Problem

Most of the VPN downloaded from Google Play is a free app that promises to protect your privacy. However, most of this free Android VPN generates money in a way that endangers your security . This service often changes your data into a product they sell to advertisers and third parties unverified.

I also found that most of the free VPN on Google Play is owned by a Chinese company with invasive privacy practices. Many of these services make you agree with unintended logging policy and device access permissions That endangers your safety. Although you can save money for a monthly subscription, most free Android VPN is too dangerous to use.

Compatibility Problem

Aside from the bad security, many of the free Android VPN ca n’ t provide access to the content you want . Free services offer a bit of peladen, which means that they have a limited IP address to penetrate the geographic block. This complies with the service to unblock streaming platforms and web sites restricted by region. Some VPN even blocks free users from popular sites with the intention of forcing customers to improve subscriptions.

Warning: Avoid This Dangerous “Free” Android VPN

After the detailed testing, I made a list of some of the worst VPN you have to avoid any way possible:


At least 3 other VPN sites still recommend HolaVPN, but should not be allowed. When applying, you agree that the separent company is named Luminati can sell the width of your Android band to third parties (including cybercriminals). If the width of your ribbon is taken by a hacker, a cell phone can be infected by an evil program (malware) or hacked. If these cybercriminals then use your phone for illegal activity, you can be exposed to criminal charges!


With a rating of 4.4 and 10 million downloads, the TouchVPN homepage on Google Play makes it look like a great service. Unfortunately, the TouchVPN privacy policy states that This service records the browsing information, location, and device for marketing and “research”. This data can allow government agencies, cybercriminals, and others to violate privacy or steal your identity.


Although there are already millions of downloads on the Play Store, Betternet has been caught laying a malicious program (malware) tracker on the user ‘ s phone . This VPN sells the data collected to anyone who is willing to pay-including to hackers who can use it to steal online bank login details or your PayPal account.

How to Choose a Safe and Quick Free VPN for Android

  1. Review provider business model . The biggest problem of free VPN is the majority of these services risking your security to make money. Stay away from the providers that display the advertisement, record the data, or have a history of mounting malicious programs (malware) on user devices. To avoid this security risk, select the provider with a policy without the registrations that have been independently tested.
  2. Check the border . Free providers can limit the use of data and labeling selection, or block streaming platforms (this is their way of forcing you to improve subscriptions). Before signing up to one service, make sure the service provides safe and reliable access to the desired website and app so that you do not waste time.
  3. Make sure you can register anonymously . A free Android VPN that lets you subscribe without asking for a lot of personal information shows that this service is very appreciating your privacy. Select a provider that permits registration and payment method anonymously (if deciding to improve subscriptions) in order to guarantee your privacy.

General Answer: Free Android VPN

  • How to set up a free Android VPN application?
  • How to set up a free Android VPN with an APK file?
  • Can I watch Netflix with a free Android VPN?
  • Is the free Android VPN safe?
  • Is the Android VPN legal?
  • Is my Android VPN able to function with other devices and operating systems?
  • What ‘ s the best free Android VPN to do a torrent?

🤑 How do you set up a free Android VPN application?

If you want to use the best Android VPN special applications, follow the following steps:

  1. Get a VPN I advise you to try NordVPN because the service provides the best security and high speed for Android. You can also use it for free for 30 days with refunds of money back.
  2. Install the Android app . To avoid delay of the Play Store refund, download it directly from the provider ‘ s website using the mobile browser.
  3. Log in with your new account login details . Connect to the peladen and start using the app with total privacy on your Android device!

🤓 How do I set up a free Android VPN with an APK file?

If you choose to download the APK file to install the best Android VPN, follow the following directions:

Samsung devices:

  1. Get a VPN and create a new account. I advise you to try NordVPN because of its high speed and excellent streaming compatibility on Samsung devices.
  2. Access the “Settings” on the device.
  3. Tap “Biometrics and Security” and then tap “unrecognized application”.
  4. Select the browser (like Chrome) to download the APK file
  5. Open the “Allow application installation” and then select the ACTIVATE.

Non-Samsung Devices:

  1. Get a VPN and create a new account You can. try NordVPN for the best security and the speed of performing a high torrent on non-Samsung devices.
  2. Access the “Settings” on the device.
  3. Tap “Security & Privacy” and then scroll to “Other Settings”.
  4. Select “Install application from external source/install unrecognized application”.
  5. Select a browser (like Chrome) to download the APK file.
  6. Enter the “Allow installation of the application” and then select the ACTIVATE.

😁 Can I watch Netflix with a free Android VPN?

Although most of the free Android VPN is blocked, The best VPN can access Netflix . A bit of free service that can access it has very strict data limits so that you can only do stream briefly in a once-time. For example, I found that a free HotSpot Shield Android VPN can function with the Netflix app only if you are in the US-and its data restrictions only lets you watch 1 or 2 episodes of events per day.

If it is being frugable but want to watch a favorite show while being abroad, you can use this trick. Before going abroad, download NordVPN To use the 30-day bail bail. . This move will give you enough time to enjoy the entire episode of a series you watch then get a full refund after it finishes using it.

🤓 Is the free Android VPN safe?

No, most Android VPN is not safe . Many of these services are risking your security to get profit by directing you to malicious programs (malware), recording data, or selling your ribbon width. It ‘ s been a regular thing for free services airing ads that can infect your device with the virus. These practices may make you at risk of identity theft, hacking, and other threats.

Many free services also use outdated encryption standards and disruptive data logging policies. Bad security features like this can make it easier for connection hacking and sensitive information theft about you.

To protect yourself from this risk, I advise you to attempt high quality services such as NordVPN that uses military-grade encryption and policy without strict logging. With this kind of security feature, you do n’ t have to worry about a lookout that ‘ s eyeing your personal information.

😇 Is the free Android VPN is legal?

Yes, Illegal VPN Android VPN to use in most countries-but do not take the risk of using free services in countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates. Expired free VPN encryption, invasive data logging, and poor labeling management made this service easy to hack. If the government agencies find you using a VPN, you can be fined up to $500,000 or even incarcerated!

In order to remain 100% safe in countries with tight surveillance, Try NordVPN Because this service has the strongest security features. If you download this app before going abroad, there will be no one who knows if you use it!

😎 Is my Android VPN able to function with other devices and operating systems?

Depends-all over The VPN is on this list compatible with various devices and other operating systems . However, some VPN which is available on the Google Play Store only functions on Android devices (I would n’ t recommend all these devices).

The best VPN for Android (NordVPN) is compatible with many other devices and operating systems, including macOS, iOS, Windows, Smart TV, Kindle, Kodi, and many more. In addition, if you find that NordVPN does not have a specific application for a specific device, this VPN can be installed in the perute. This iThis allows you to protect any device connected to WiFi. You can even attempt, without risk, for 30 days before buying a subscription.

😁 What is the best free Android VPN to do torrent?

Using a free VPN to do a torrent can be risky, but there are some options that are safe . If using a service with weak security, you can be exposed to legal problems and compromise your own safety. Because a free VPN usually keeps a record of user activity, IP addresses, and other data, anonymity does not apply while doing torrents. That is, if you accidentally download a file containing material that violates the DMCA ‘ s copyright laws, you could get into trouble. Similarly, if you unknowingly download a file containing a virus, a low-quality VPN will not be able to protect you.

In addition to this security issue, most free VPN has technical limitations that makes it very unsuitable for a torrent. To force users to improve subscriptions, this service typically restricts data, reduces speed, or restricts the pronunciation options-meaning, it could be you wo n’ t even be able to download the desired content.

To avoid this problem, you can try NordVPN for Android because of its fast-optimized P2P servers for torrent. Since this service does not limit the wide use of tape or data, you can download as many of the desired torrent files as possible. In addition, in the absence of a policy without logging and military-grade encryption means that your activity will remain 100% anonymous.

Get a Quick and Secure Free VPN for Your Android

Do n’ t be fooled by positive reviews on Google Play Store or another VPN site while looking for a free, safe, and fast Android VPN. Most of these services have serious security issues that can lead to hacking attempts, identity theft, or other problems. Other services have technical limitations and may not even access the content you want.

After testing the top 50 apps on the Google Play Store, I realized that NordVPN is the best VPN for Android . This VPN provides industry-standard security features, the fastest speed, and excellent compatibility with the main platform streaming, gaming, and torrent.

I advise you to attempt free NordVPN for 30 days by using the bail money back. This is the best way to decide if this service meets your expectations before purchasing a long-term subscription. If you do not comply with the terms of this Service, you will not be able to provide the Services After that, you can try another free VPN that is recommended on this list until finding the appropriate service to protect your Android device.

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