6 Best Free VPN for Google Chrome

6 Best Free VPN for Google Chrome

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A quick search on the Chrome Web Store (Chrome Web Store) will give you hundreds of results. Some of the Chrome VPN extensions are meant to deceive and steal your data. It ‘ s hard to know which VPN browser Chrome is safe, trusted, and easy to use.

To help you choose him, I’ve tested dozens of free Google Chrome VPN in order to find the best 6 services for you to use. I consider the security, reliability, and speed factors to ensure that all my recommendations service providers provide premium security as well as reliable connections.

Quick Guide: 6 Best Free VPN in Google Chrome

  1. NordVPN : Got thousands of global servers and premium security features, but limited its services and it ‘ s only free for 30 days.
  2. ProtonVPN : The unlimited data quota for free monthly usage is without limits, but limiting speed and connection.
  3. Hide.me. : Quota of free 2GB data per month, but the number of servers is less.
  4. Shield hotspot. Free daily data quota of 500MB, but the performance is a bit slow and there’s only one USA server.
  5. TunnelBear. : Quota of free data 500MB per month, but it ca n’ t be streaming.
  6. Windscribe. : Free monthly data quota of 10GB, but the Netflix server is only reserved for premium users.

How to Choose a VPN in the Best Google Chrome

Throughout the testing period, I focus on the following key features in selecting the best VPN for Chrome:

  • Compatibility: Does the VPN have a Chrome browser extension? Is it easy to use?
  • Security: Does the Chrome VPN be equipped with military-level encryption to keep your data security? Any other security features? What is your data log stored?
  • Reliability: Can you connect easily even though the server options are a little bit? Will the data quota limit prevent you from browsing, streaming, and keeping as much as you want?
  • Customer Support: Does that Chrome browser VPN have customer support for free users?

If you want to connect to a specific country, make sure the VPN you select has a server there. For example, there is no Google Chrome VPN in this list that is capable of making you connected to China .

6 VPN for Free & Best Google Chrome

1. NordVPN-Thousands of Premium Servers for a Reliable Chrome Connection

Key Features:

  • 5.600+ servers in 59 countries (10 servers in Indonesia)
  • Fast browsing and streaming without data quota
  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Customer support and 24/7 live chat
  • 30-day warranty return

I was surprised when I saw the fact that The best free Chrome VPN is actually considered to be one of the most popular premium VPN . You may use a free NordVPN completely for 30 days, which should be more than enough for a short vacation or to test the VPN extension.

NordVPN has thousands of servers all over the world Which makes you able to connect easily. During the test , I can go straight Connect to the server on which NordVPN uses the Chrome browser VPN extension they provide.

Installing and activating the NordVPN extension in Chrome only takes a few seconds. You can find it on Chrome Web Store or via the NordVPN website. Once the download is complete and installed, We’ll be bribed the simple and easy-to-use interface. . Then click the “Quick Connect” button to connect to the fastest server or search for yourself the desired country. I use both of those connection methods to secure my browser or Chrome browser, and not see any problems.

This Chrome VPN extension offers two optional security features-CyberSec and Block WebRTC. Cybersec protects devices from viruses and malicious websites while using Chrome, and Block WebRTC hides your IP address. By wearing both at once , along with the military-class encryption of NordVPN, your data and devices are definitely protected.

VPN extension Chrome from NordVPN has optional security features for safe browsing

You can see how fast and reliable NordVPN is when compared to a free VPN service after testing it on its own. Because NordVPN is a premium service, the customers are offered a 30-day guarantee of money back You can subscribe to the package at a cheap price, attempt a VPN service for Chrome it ‘ s for a whole month , and still get full refund.

2. ProtonVPN-Use of Free Monthly Data Limited with Access to Server in 3 Countries

Key Features:

  • 3 server locations for free users-US, France, and Japan
  • Consistent speed in all three server locations
  • Unlimited unlimited data quota
  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Policy without logs and no ads

ProtonVPN is the only free service provider that gives you free monthly data without restriction . This means you can use Chrome anonymously and safely without the need to worry about the use of your data. Without a data quota, you can do streaming and browsing all the time.

If streaming is a top priority, you should know that I am difficult to connect to Netflix using the ProtonVPN free service. Streaming services like Hulu are only available to premium users, but free options like YouTube and Crackle are functioning properly. While testing this provider , I could watch a movie on Crackle and just experience buffering throughout the commercial break.

The ProtonVPN map interface display makes it easier to select the exact location of the server. As a free user, you are provided only 3 server options. Users who pay a subscription fee may access the various server locations.

ProtonVPN helps you connect a server that fits easily

The free protonVPN limit limits the speed, P2P file sharing, and the number of devices you can connect to. To attempt their services without such limitation, free users Given the opportunity for a 7-day premium test without charge . You can then do an upgrade or change the subscription package at any time through your account dashboard.

3. Hide.me-Free Monthly Data Quota 2GB & Without Advertising While Using Chrome

Key Features:

  • This ecension VPN provides 3 servers in Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany
  • Does not limit the bandwidth to ensure the performance is as fast as possible
  • Monthly 2GB monthly data quota
  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Customer support is provided for free users

Hide.me is a free VPN service without advertising and without a very good bandwidth limit . The security feature guarantees anonymous and protected web browsing activity when you use a VPN in this Google Chrome.

When connected to the Chrome VPN extension of them, you can choose from between 3 different servers or automatically connect to the most fast servers. They don’t use encryption like a laptop VPN and other desktops for free. However, your IP address will be hidden so you can browse as well as stream the variety of websites and services overseas from Indonesia.

You can still encrypt the connection while using the Hide.me browser extension by enabling SOCKS (Socket Secure). When you do not enable SOCKS, your data will not be encrypted, but your IP address will be hidden.

Enable SOCKS on settings to encrypt your connection with the Chrome Hide.me extension

While testing it , I’m activating SOCKS. I can browse the web and access sensitive information such as my bank account securely. However, the best way to ensure your data security is by trying the premium service Hide.me. You may try it for 30 days without any risk By using the money guaranteed back from them.

4. Hotspot Shield-Free Monthly Data Quota 15GB for Streaming & Browsing with Aman

Key Features:

  • There are 4 servers in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia
  • Speed is limited at 2Mbps, but fast enough for online browsing
  • 500MB daily data quota
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • Technical support available for free users

Hotspot Shield has a nice Chrome browser VPN extension once without the need to register . Simply download that extension from the Chrome Web Store and You can connect instantly by selecting one of the 4 available locations -Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, or Russia. Changing the location is also easy to do, open the VPN extensi from them and click on another location to connect automatically.

I am impressed with the optional security features on this Google Chrome VPN extension . Everything can be activated and disabled one by one so you can customize it with your security preferences.

Hotspot Shield lets you set up security options as you wish

The entire feature works in unison making the secrecy of your browsing activity in Chrome awake, freeing you from pop-up ads, and sheltered from malicious websites.

When testing this provider -… I can watch YouTube videos without ads for one hour in SD resolution before hitting with 500MB of data limit. To watch without data restrictions or quality, you can attempt a premium Hotspot Shield service with the way to use the money back guarantee they offer. You are free to sedate the VPN for this Chrome for 45 days and get full refund.

5. TunnelBear-Free monthly data quota of 500Mb & 23 Server Locations to Connect

Key Features:

  • Servers in 23 countries-including the United States, UK, and Canada
  • No bandwidth reduction for high performance
  • 500MB monthly data limit
  • Military class encryption and non-log policy (zero log)
  • Customer support via email ticket

The Chrome VPN extension of TunnelBear is very easy to use . Download it on Chrome Web Store, enter or create an account, then select one of the 23 servers for you to connect.

While not presenting additional security features as well as some other extensions, the VPN for this Google Chrome makes your location anonymous (anonymous) and protects your data. I run a number of DNS leak tests to ensure my IP address is secure, and TunnelBear always passed the test.

TunnelBear encryption makes my IP address hidden

Although my IP address is hidden, I can’t watch Netflix US TunnelBear. With a data quota of only 500MB per month, It’s hard to enjoy streaming even if it’s just one episode to the end. That is, the free version of the TunnelBear is not suitable for streaming or on-stream.

You can upgrade to a premium service to access unrestricted data. If not satisfied, you can contact the TunnelBear customer support to request a refund.

6. Windscribe-Free Monthly Data Quota 10GB & Simple Chrome VPN Extensions

Key Features:

  • 10 server locations are available in countries across the globe
  • No bandwidth reduction for fast performance
  • 10GB monthly data quota
  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Torrenting supported

Windscribe ‘ s privacy policy ensures that your data remains safe at your time browsing the web with Chrome. With this VPN extension, you can choose to block ads, avoid malware, and remove cookies.

Wish you wanted to watch a movie on the streaming site, you need to know that Windscribe blocked some services for free users. Services such as Netflix and Hulu are only available to premium users. When testing the free Chrome VPN extension of Windscribe -… I can’t Netflix proxy error bypass . Anyway, I can still watch BBC iPlayer when connected and do streaming about 10 hours before I reach the limit of data usage.

Windscribe unblocked BBC iPlayer and allowed me to stream TV shows and movies

If you want to do stream or torrent as often as possible, you will probably feel for yourself that the 10GB monthly quota is not enough. In order to get access to all streaming services and unlimited data quotas, you are required to purchase a paid version subscription package. Windscribe allows you to try their premium service for 3 days , but you must contact them within the 3-day period to obtain a full refund.

Visit Windscribe

How to install a VPN in Chrome

4 Steps Add VPN Extensions to Chrome:

  1. Select a VPN with the Chrome browser extension. I recommend NordVPN Due to the ease of installation with 2 steps only.
  2. Visit that VPN website and find the “App” or “Application” section.
  3. Click “Add to Chrome”. You will be directed to the Google Chrome Web Store.
  4. Click a button “Add to Chrome” (Add to Chrome) Then … “Add Extension” (Add Extension) .

How to Activate a VPN in Chrome Mode Incognito

Chrome blocks the extension when you use incognito mode or disguise. This is because the browser is unable to determine if the extension tracks your online activity or not. If you use a secure Chrome free VPN, you can still use that extension in disguise mode. Here’s the way:

5 Steps Activate the VPN Extension in Incognito Mode:

  1. Download the browser extension Free and trusted VPN from the VPN website or on the Google Chrome Web Store.
  2. In Chrome, click 3 dots at the top right corner of the browser to open the menu.
  3. Direct cursor to “More tools.” Then click “Extensions” (Extensions) on the menu.
  4. Click here “Details” (Details) on that Chrome VPN extension.
  5. Scroll down to find options “Allow in incognito” (Allow in disguise mode) , then click to activate it.

Shortcomings of the Chrome Free VPN

There are available thousands of “free” VPN available, but most of them are not safe enough to keep your data security. Best case scenario, your actual location is shared to advertisers as the way they generate revenue. Worst case scenario, limited security feature means your data is n’ t encrypted properly, letting it open to hackers and scouts. Suppose an extension or a free Chrome VPN plugin stores your data, it is likely to be sold to the highest bidder or also submitted to the government authorities.

Free, reliable VPN-VPN For example, the services that I recommend, is one of the safest ways to browse the internet. However, all of them have limitations. The restrictions applied by the free Google Chrome VPN are designed to encourage you to register a paid subscription package. They limit the number of servers that you can connect to and the availability of your data, as well as download speed or download. This means you ‘ ll experience buffering and lag during streaming, a crowded server, as well as lemot online activity.

If you want to try the premium VPN for free, you can use the money guaranteed back. NordVPN give 30 days to new customers to try its services , and getting your money back is so easy. The customer service processes the return of my money in less than 3 business days.

A General Question About The Google Chrome Browser Extension

🤓 Is the incognito mode Google Chrome really anonymous?

No. An incognito mode of disguise or incognito does not encrypt your online activity nor make you anonymous. When you use disguises, Chrome states it is clear that your activities can still be seen by websites you visit, your ISP, and network administrators (e.g. your school or company).

Incognito mode does not hide your internet activity from websites

Incognito mode is useful if you do n’ t want your browsing history or login details saved. When other people use Chrome on your desktop or laptop, they will not be able to see which sites you visit or enter the account that you access while using incognito mode.

🤑 Free VPN Chrome What do I have to avoid?

With the abundance of free VPN available for download, it ‘ s important that you make sure to simply use the Google Chrome VPN you can trust. Here’s a list of The VPN for Chrome is free and should n’ t you use it:

Hola VPN

While it does n’ t require a lot of power to download and install this Chrome browser VPN, you should avoid it with any reason as well. The free Hola VPN extension is not equipped with encryption So, any information that is sent or received from all websites will be easily read and identified. This VPN on Google Chrome also records a large amount of your information during use, including the website you visit and your personal data. In order to benefit, the service provider then shares your information to an unknown third party.

VPN Cross

As it potentially contains trojan virus, Cross VPN is characterized by VirusTotal, a site that analyzes files and URLs to detect malware. Cross VPN is rated AV-11, meaning tested positive containing malware on 11 different antivirus programs . Downloading or downloading Cross VPN for Chrome makes your device risk-infected malicious software.

😎 Is a VPN slowing down my browsing speed?

Whether you ‘re using the best Chrome VPN that’ s free or the premium one, you tend to experience at least a slight decrease in speed . Why is traffic or traffic you need to pass the encryption process before it is connected to the internet, thus impacting your speed.

When you use a free Chrome VPN with a limited server and bandwidth, you might feel a more significant slowdown, especially if you are connected in the busy hours with a solid traffic.

I run the speed test for every free VPN on my list during peak connection time in Indonesia. I connect the fastest server available to any VPN in Chrome and compare the results to the normal speed of my ISP. This is the result:

As is already alleged, the VPN with the most distant server of me suffered the greatest speed drop. However, all of those servers present a fairly strong speed for streaming with the quality of UltraHD or 4K, although it is conditioned at busy times.

Stay Safe with a VPN for the Google Chrome Google

Google Chrome is certainly not safe enough to keep the security of your data without help from other services. By using one of Chrome ‘s free VPN I’ m advocating, you could protect your data while browsing with Chrome.

But keep in mind that most of the free Chrome VPN has limitations. If you want to do Netflix streaming from Indonesia or torrenting anonymously , you need a full access to a premium VPN.

Maybe you want the best VPN for Chrome that is without constraint , but it ‘ s not yet ready to commit to a paid package, then you can using the premium service with a refund warranty. NordVPN gave you 30 days to try the whole feature. , and get a full refund if you’re not really satisfied.

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