9 Best Proxy Servers

9 Best Proxy Servers (100% FREE)

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When you want to watch a popular series on Netflix US or my favorite YouTuber, face restriction because my location is really frustrating. I feel the result is far from being expected to run out of more than 20 free proxies. While it all claims to be unblock or unblock content around the world, it is in fact that many of the proxy servers are completely out of service.

To help you avoid the train as a result of dabbling various proxies before finding the real one you can use, I prepare list of 9 best proxy servers based on my test results .

However, most proxy servers store your activity logs, handcuff you with ads (and trackware), or limit your access. Thus all of them are short-term solutions. If you need more thorough anonymity and online security, you may need to Consider VPN .

Unlimited access to a high quality VPN is not free. However, when you use a service like ExpressVPN, you may try it for 30 days without any risk at all By using the money guaranteed back from him. The time given should have been more than enough to test proxy servers as well as a VPN, in order to see which one is better for you.

Quick Guide: 9 Best Proxy Servers that are 100% Free

  1. Hidester. -No. 1 for non-log policy, customizable security features, and do n’ t need an account!
  2. Hide.me. -Do not save logs, but only provide 3 servers.
  3. HMA -The additional features are useful, but require an email address when registering.
  4. KProxy -A trusted service and its reputation is good, but setting limits for browsing.
  5. Shield hotspot. -There are 7 additional security settings, but it does n’ t block YouTube ads.
  6. VPNBook -Impressive 256-bit encryption, but record your data.
  7. 4everproxy -There are various server options and IP locations, but store your data for 7 days.
  8. ProxySite -Could unblock the popular website, but you ca n’ t choose a specific server location.
  9. ProxFree -Server option provided is good, but a lot of ads.

9 Free & Best Proxy Servers in 2021

Tips: Want to browse the web without worrying about your activities noted? Look. My free VPN-VPN is my most top choice At the bottom.

Such quality ExpressVPN will never record your online activity .

1. Hidester

Hidester is an outstanding free web proxy (with servers in the United States and Europe) that conjure up more security options than most other VPN. You can easily choose to encrypting your URL, blocking cookies, or getting rid of scripts to block any annoying ads .

No account registration required, and Hidester does not store logs -no IP address, user browsing activity, or identification information in any form that is stored. This really makes me impressed because most free proxy web stores at least a number of logs in a certain period of time.

Next to the free proxy web, Hidester also presents some other tools that I think are beneficial for better online security. I especially liked their safe generator passwords, for providing a password recommendation or a password that proved difficult to solve.

Although Hidester is so great, the encryption is essentially unable to match the 256-bit AES encryption used by premium VPN such as ExpressVPN. Plus, VPN protects your device as a whole It’s not just one website. So, if securing personal data is your priority, I suggest that you attempt free ExpressVPN By using a 30-day guarantee of money back from him.

2. Hide.me

Hide.me only has proxy server in 3 countries (Germany, the Netherlands, and the US), but you are given a number of adjustment options. You have the option to disable cookies, scripts, and objects (e.g. images and plug-ins) while you browse. I want maximum privacy, so I encrypt the URL of the page I ‘ m exploring. The way is super easy-click “More options” and select “Encrypt URL” on the menu.

This webform proxy server quickly connects you to the web address you are headed to. You can also download the browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox to protect you in all the pages you visit. I use Chrome more than Firefox, but both of them are easy to use because they can be connected to one click!

Hide.me is my top recommendation to watch Netflix . So connected to the US server, I opened up Netflix and started watching it with buffering less than 5 seconds only.

The best of all, the free Hide.me proxy server does not store IP address logs or online activities. Hide.me also has a free VPN service (and already my own test). So, I am convinced that their strict no-log policies can be trusted.

3. HMA

With HMA, you could use the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions , which has a one-click protection method as well as 5 server location options (US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, and France). When I tested the available “Quick Connect” feature, HMA connected me automatically to the server that was the quickest fit of my location.

Since I took place in Great Britain (UK), the fastest server given to me is the UK location, which takes less than 2 seconds to connect. Among the five server options, I found out that the United States is the most weak, but I still can connected to Netflix without seeing the proxy error message (in less than 6 seconds).

The HMA ‘ s free proxy server has 2 extra useful features-Auto Hide and Tab Killer. Auto Hide will be hide your location automatically when you visit a particular website, which I think is very beneficial. I set up the feature so that it was always connected to the US server when I opened YouTube, so that whenever I don’t have to worry about server changes or connections. The “Killer Tab” will be Hide all open browser tabs Once you press the keyboard shortcuts. So, you can open a site in a school or an office without being spotted! You can find both of those features on the “Settings” menu at the top of your extension.

Although HMA recently updated its privacy policy, and has a policy without a guaranteed log , you need a new account list using a valid email address for verification purposes. It ‘ s kind of annoying because it no longer makes HMA as a fully anonymous service. If you need a free alternative that doesn’t ask for personal information in any form, you can. trying to get free VPN service TunnelBear .

4. KProxy

KProxy is one of the most recommended free proxy servers , with more than 1.5 million users each month. They have a long and reliable history, and I certainly give the top position if it ‘ s not for a number of issues.

It ‘ s a shame KProxy limits the time we can spend on browsing in one session as much as 3 hours or when we reach the 300MB data quota limit. At this point, you will be asked to perform a service upgrade or wait 30 minutes to continue the use of such a proxy. While this is not a big deal, I feel irritated that it always has to wait to start using that service again.

However, most importantly to be noticed, KProxy stores a number of user data (e.g. IP addresses) and will hand it over to the authorities if you abuse their system or use it for illegal activities-including Torrenting. Andaikata you are looking for a service that allows you to share P2P files anonymously, You better. using a quality VPN like ExpressVPN because it is designed to make you safe and anonymous.

If the data quota and logs are not important to you, you can download the free KProxy browser extension for Chrome or Firefox Or to use their webform. I love their Chrome extension because it gives me 2 exact locations to be selected-Canada and France. Both locations were quickly connected to websites. In the web version, you get 10 different servers to choose from, but you cannot see the server’s location so that the browsing and opening block of the site is becoming less accurate.

5. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a premium VPN service, but provides free proxies anyway . You can connect to 4 servers-Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, or the Russian Federation. Although limited to the number of other free proxies, the servers are fast and completely anonymous or anonymous. After clicking 1 time only, I can open up the German Netflix and start watching!

The browser extension for the free proxy is equipped with a comprehensive set of security settings including malware, advertising, and cookie-blocking. I easily found all of those features on the “Configuration” menu at the top right of the extension.

Which was disappointing, when I tested it, their ad blocker could n’ t stop a disturbing YouTube ad. And that’s the main reason I’m using a proxy! When you want to stop the ads on YouTube and other streaming services, I suggest that you attempt to get TunnelBear for free because it has an ad blocker that automatically starts when you connect to the server.

6. VPNBook

VPNBook is another VPN service that also provides free online web proxies. Its use is easy and simple for you that requires quick access to the blocked web site. You can choose from between 4 different servers (2 in Europe, 2 in North America), or let VPNBook determine the proxy server at random for you. Though I tend to select servers close to me (for faster connections), I noticed randomly selected proxy servers were already fast (average about 25Mbps) for browsing and streaming.

VPNBook is the only proxy website with 256 bit SSL encryption -the encryption level you normally find on a premium VPN. This means you can be sure that your connection remains safe and protected from the lookout no matter which server you use.

Although VPNBook is equipped with high level encryption and encryption, this proxy does not include Top 3 because Save log It was deleted after a week and was only used to report illegal activity, but I was disappointed that my activities were not completely anonymous. If you are also concerned with logging data, you can testing free-try ExpressVPN for 30 days they never saved a log .

7. 4everproxy

4everproxy provides 11 servers and 24 IP locations for you to select when using his free web proxy. I chose the nearest (UK-London) server to acquire the fastest performance and IP address in other countries. You do not have to choose the server and the IP from the same location, thus you can maximize your anonymity!

I tested the 4everproxies claim that all servers are super fast (with a 1Gbps connection), and are impressed by its speed. It turns out I can watch YouTube by having a few seconds of buffering, though I’m also given an ad of 4everproxies before the video starts.

Registration or login is not required so you can soon start browsing. I connect in less than 5 seconds to type in my web address. There are no restrictions on usage anyway, as long as you do not use this proxy for illegal activities such as overloading. Anyway, they store a number of user data logs (but was removed after 7 days).

If you want to use the services for file sharing and torrenting as often as possible, I recommend using ExpressVPN . The given bandwidth is not limited so you can torrenting, stream, and browse as much as you want-and they do n’ t keep the logs at all.

8. ProxySite

ProxySite provides a popular website option available for you access (YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter). Simply click the button and you will be directly directed to that website anonymously, as well as protected automatically using their proxy server. I feel that the facility is very useful because every day I use some of those websites so that I can be more quickly connected. If you want to access a different website, you can write the URL on the available web form and you will connect not long later in seconds.

You can choosing to connect using one of the 15 US (US) servers and 10 EU (EU) servers provided . The server location is not specific, but selecting a server in the nearest region will provide a faster performance. I am connected to several EU and US servers-it takes a few seconds longer to open the website if it goes through a US server.

ProxySite will store your data logs to monitor whether the misuse of the service (such as downloading excessively or mining the data from other websites), and removing the log after 14 days. Alternatively, A reliable VPN like TunnelBear wo n’ t keep your data logs-and you can use it for free !

9. ProxFree

ProxFree is a reliable proxy web with a good server option- 11 server locations (mostly located in the U.S.) and 13 IP address locations . I feel the usefulness of the IP address menu that has a “ping” time (time required by the data to switch from my device to the server) so that I can take the fastest option.

Navigating my mouse pointer over the question mark icon next to each configuration option allows me to know what the benefits of any of those options are to improve my security. This makes the ProxFree a very good choice for you laypeople with proxy servers as well as not sure if you should “Allow cookies” or do not (tips: do not!)

What I really don’t like is ProxFree is flooded with ads Having to scroll down through a variety of ads to reach the web form is annoying, and I have to click on a number of pop-up advertisements while doing a web search. For ad-free browsing experience, you can try to use the TunnelBear for free -there is a default blocker that hides ads automatically when you are connected to the server.

How To Use A Free Proxy Server

Depending on whether you use the web proxy or browser extension, the way it prepares is slightly different. However, I have never spent more than 2 minutes to set up or prepare any version.

3 Easy Steps Using A Proxy Web Server

  1. Open the proxy server site in your browser.
  2. On the available web form, type the web address of the site that you want to visit.
  3. Press enter button (on this page is the “surf!” button.).

When you use the proxy web server, it is directed through the proxy server it is just one web page. You will not be protected when opening the site in another tab. If you wish to continue to use the Cloud Service, you may use the Cloud Service for the purpose of using the Cloud Service. .

How to Get the Browser Proxy Server Extension in Less Than 2 Minutes

  1. Open your browser’s web store and search the proxy server extension you want .
  2. Install in your browser .
  3. Find in your browser and Activate .

How to Choose the Best Free Proxy Server (6 Key Factors)

  1. Reputation: If a proxy server has been operating for years, it is likely that proxy is a safe option for you. Check if you can check the user’s reputation by looking at the comment section or the social media page.
  2. Server location: The proxy server with a large number of servers means the severing risk of a lower connection. If that proxy has a server close to your location, you ‘ ll enjoy a faster connection speed anyway.
  3. Server visibility: A number of free proxies do not give you information regarding the details of the server-you cannot select a server or even a location. While this does not necessarily indicate that their services are not reliable, you should be careful if the proxy is new or unrecognized. They may monitor your connection, or instead record your activity as well as stealing sensitive information.
  4. Data logging: Some free proxy servers store your connection details such as user activity and your IP address. Try to find a service that does a minimum or zero data record to be completely anonymous.
  5. Security features: I observe a proxy server that uses the browser extension in general to have additional security features. Some of them encrypt URLs and page content, blocking scripts to lower malware risk, and intercepts disruptive advertising.
  6. Additional services: Excellent proxy serves as an intermediary that secuts your browsing activity in the internet world. The best proxy-proxy malahan provides even more, for example: DNS leak tests and safe generator passwords.

By making sure that the free proxy server you choose in accordance with the above criteria, you will experience a safe and anonymous browsing experience. However, if you are expecting a thorough best protection for your device-not just your browser- impossible you get better than a quality VPN . ExpressVPN encrypts every connection, ranging from web browsing to streaming and online banking, guaranting you to be always safe.

Free Proxy Server limitations

If you’re looking for a totality of security and privacy, a free proxy server is not the best option. Your data is protected only on the website you visit using that proxy. Outside of your browser, other applications (such as social media, online banking, and messaging) will not be protected. You could have made an upgrade to a paid proxy to improve your protection as well as obtain more server and IP options. However, such a paid service still does not present a security-owned VPN like TunnelBear, which you can get for free.

The proxy server also sent all your data requests as plain text or plain text. Anyone who observes can see easily the user ‘ s name, password, and other sensitive information which is sent to that website-so it ‘ s very good for hackers and cyber criminals, but not for the security of your data.

When you using a quality VPN like ExpressVPN -… it means you do n’ t have to worry about data or your browsing security . All connections are encrypted so that no one can access your web or data activity.

Comparison Table: Free VPN vs Free Server Proxy

Both free and free VPN servers have both advantages and disadvantages. However, the biggest difference is how high is the level of security they provide when you are connected. I have tested more than 20 free VPN and also a free proxy to compare it. This is the result:

If you want a better security but not sure at the cost, You should try a premium VPN with a refund guarantee . ExpressVPN is offering a 30-day warranty of the money back , which means you have up to 30 days to test any of its security features and still get full refund, without being asked why when canceling.

When To Use A VPN And Not Proxy

  • When you do download and seed torrent . Most VPN supports the sharing of P2P files and many VPN that have a dedicated torrent server that lets you download it all over it. If you downlod the copyright file by accident, the VPN hides your IP and encrypts your connections so that you are untraceable.
  • When you are connected to public WiFi . An encrypted VPN connection will protect you from hackers and spies who are trying to get your data through public insecure WiFi.
  • When you visit or live in a country with strict internet restrictions . VPN with DNS leak protection and resilient encryption is able to break through firewalls and hide your activity from monitoring by government institutions. ExpressVPN is the only VPN that can bypass the Great Firewall of China (Great Firewall of China) .

3 VPN to Use as Change Proxy Server (2 COMPLIMENTARY!)

1. ExpressVPN-Premium Security and Free For 30 Days

Main Feature:

  • 30-day warranty return
  • Military-grade encryption hides your location and secureates your device thoroughly
  • Unlimited bandwidth for streaming, browsing, and fast-running.
  • Supports up to 5 devices at once
  • 24/7 customer support with live chat

Although it’s not a free service, ExpressVPN provides a 30-day return of money that you can use as a trial period You can try all the ExpressVPN features when you sign up one of the packages. As long as you cancel in that 30-day period, you will be by full refund-“without any question”. This is a great way to see how well a premium VPN is when compared to a free server proxy in terms of maintaining your data security and online activities.

ExpressVPN is one of the best available services for bypass content blocking . Military-grade encryption and DNS leak protection from them keeps your location data safe, making all the sites and services think that you’re in the right location.

I ‘ ve been using ExpressVPN to stream on Netflix US (from the UK!), watch NFL games, and download files from a restricted torrent site . All of its servers are friendly P2P and are covered in a large global network-more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries (including Indonesia). You can easily choose the fastest and most reliable connections.

2. TunnelBear-500MB Free Data for Safe Connections in More than 20 Countries

Main Feature:

  • It’s totally free and there’s never been a commercial
  • Best encryption in its class to secure your data and devices
  • 500MB monthly data quota
  • Up to 5 device connections simultaneously
  • Email support

TunnelBear is a fast-and-safe free VPN with a little data quota. With a quota of only 500MB per month, this VPN is not suitable for streaming or torrenting. However, with its server location located in more than 20 countries, TunnelBear is good at his ability to overcome content restrictions. With just one click.

TunnelBear is owned by McAfee (a giant company in the security field), and uses AES 256 encryption in order to keep your data protected We will be connected quickly anyway; it takes less than 5 seconds to connect to the server when I test it. This quick connection makes it the right choice if you want to unblock a service or a website as soon as possible.

3. Windscribe-Correct Free with the Great Data Kuota 10GB/Month

Main Feature:

  • Free forever and without advertising
  • AES-256-bit encryption secureates any connection
  • 10GB data quota per month
  • Unlimited device connection
  • Email support

Windscribe is a truly free VPN with very much data limits. every month you get 10GB to stream, browse the web, as well as download it or download it . I run a number of tests and meet the fact that 10GB of data will give us about 10 hours to stream in HD resolution (although Netflix is blocked) or a full month for web browsing safely.

If you are interested in doing torrent, all of the free servers are friendly P2P. 10GB might not feel a lot when you often do download, but I see it ‘ s been more than enough to download 7 complete films. Better yet, each film takes only about 5 minutes to download thanks to a fast Windscribe server connection.

Indeed Windscribe limits your access as a free user to a specified server only, you are presented 10 different server locations to choose from. Starting from the UK to the United States, France, Germany, and Canada, you get a global server network at no cost at all.
Visit Windscribe

General Questions About Proxy Server

  • Is the server proxy protecting my data?
  • Can you use a free proxy server on all my devices?
  • What is the type of proxy server?
  • What should I do if proxy server is not responding?

🤓 Is the proxy server protecting my data?

Proxy server provided basic security level by way of hiding your IP address, but does not encrypt your data . Thus, you are made possible to access blocked content (e.g. streaming services and news sites) from anywhere in this hemisphere world.

When I used Hidester to connect to Netflix Canada and watch its content, the connection on my device walked past a proxy server to the site. This means Netflix sees my connection coming from within the Canadian territory so that I can stream without restrictions.

🤑 Can it use a free server proxy on all my devices?

If your device has a browser that you can access, you can use the free web proxy server that is contained in it. Simply enter the web address on your browser and you can instantly start surfing the internet.

Some proxy servers such as Hotspot Shield can be downloaded across multiple devices via the app. The app service is a good choice for Android tablets and smartphones as well as iOS, Windows and macOS computers, as well as extensions are usually compatible with various browsers.

What are the proxy server types?

There are some types of proxy servers and all of them can operate using different protocols.

Proxy server protocol (s):

  • HTTP: -The proxy uses a remote server to pick up a web page when you make a request and send it to you via an unencrypted connection. The process is almost like interacting directly with the web page, but the server can change the data you receive. The server could add a pop-up ad or even malware to that data.
  • HTTPS/SSL -This proxy is a secure extension of the HTTP proxy. The way it works is, it’s only encrypted with TLS encryption. Your ISP or anyone who tracks your activities can still see the domain you access, but not the specific URL.
  • SOCKS/SOCKS5 -This proxy is much more flexible and safe, capable of sending and receiving data through different sources. They are often used for torrenting and can be arranged to require authentication using a username and password.
  • Transparent -This proxy notifies the web site you visit that you use your proxy server and your actual IP address will be forwarded to the site. Transparent or transparent proxy is mostly used to filter content from the network (such as in schools or government buildings) and monitor activity.

The types of proxies are:

  • Private proxy -This type of proxy can only be used by one person at the same time as well as designed to hide your personal IP address. The dedicated private proxy has a static IP address (not changed) and is typically a paid service.
  • Shared/public proxy -Shared proxies consist of many IP addresses that can be used by a group of paying members. Public proxies are free to use by anyone who can access it. This kind of proxy is also the most risky because you do n’ t know what other users are doing (such as downloading illegal material) and proxy maintainers potentially abusing your data.
  • Proxy web -An example of this type of proxy is Hidester, which is very good for opening blocking content through browser extensions or web pages.
  • Residential/proxy center data -An example of a residential proxy is the one provided by your ISP, and looks like a regular IP address. The website won’t recognize that you’re using a proxy. The proxy center data is obtained from a third-party provider and is more easily obtained. Many of these IP addresses are so similar that it can be easily blocked by websites and services because it looks clear that the IP-IP is derived from a proxy connection.

What should I do if proxy server is not responding?

If the proxy web you used stopped responding or freeze, you could try to refresh your browser page or close it. Next, open the new tab and go back to that proxy site. Such solutions are usually resolved and you can forward your anonymous search.

For the proxy browser extension, you have a few other options to try:

  1. Restart your device and make sure it is connected to the internet before activating the extension.
  2. Ensure your firewall does not block the server connection. When possible, pause your firewall while trying to connect .
  3. Remove and re-add the extension in your browser.

Unfortunately, most free server proxies have no support sites or live chat sites to help you solve the problems that may be experienced. However, if you use a quality VPN service like ExpressVPN, you have access to problem solving guides, comprehensive support sites, and 24/7 live chat if experiencing any problems, too.

Protect your Location Data with a Free Server Proxy

Free web proxy improves your online security and gives you the freedom to enjoy content that normally ca n’ t you see- But there are limits. . For the best of security, with encrypted connections, zero logs, and absolute privacy, you need to use a VPN.

Services such as ExpressVPN gives you the opportunity to explore in the web world without constraint . ExpressVPN is also accompanied by a 30-day guarantee of back money (which I ‘ ve already proven myself) so you can attempt their service and obtain a full refund ! Here ‘ s the perfect way to see how well the VPN is protecting fully your devices and personal data without risking your money.

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