Best Free (and Secure) Software for Windows

Best Free (and Secure) Software for Windows in 2021

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You must always be careful when downloading software or free software to your PC because Sometimes there’s a hidden price to pay. It might be:

  • Bloatware or other software installed It was accidentally without you willing.
  • Opens the door for its creators to collect and sell your personal data To the third party.
  • Or even worse, its install files may contain viruses, malware, or spyware.
  • You get a product with limited features so that must buy a “Premium Package” .

I’m not saying that all free software is bad, in fact There’s a lot of great programs for Windows for free. You’re just being careful. . After conducting in-depth testing of hundreds of free software, the following I shared the Top 10 Best Free Software list and the safest for Windows.

Quick List:

  1. Shield hotspot. -A trusted free VPN
  2. VLC -The player is mostly digital video format
  3. Open Office -Alternative open source for Office
  4. CCleaner -Cleaning trash files to improve your computer performance
  5. Panda Antivirus -100% virus detection rate.
  6. Audacity -Open-source professional audio editor
  7. WinZip. -Encryption and encryption of large size files
  8. Viber. -Free application of voice calls and videos
  9. Firefox -Browser is outstanding with best security feature
  10. -No. -Manager and decrypt your password

*To view the Criteria in Adding Software to This List, click HERE.

1. Secure Free VPN Hotspots-VPN Hotspots

Found Secure free VPN and not storing data logs, which do n’ t overslow your computer, as well as having a large number of servers, is a challenge. Hotspot Shield is one of the best among the VPN-VPN I ‘ ve tested Capable of doing all that. From the security point of view, Hotspot Shield uses military-level encryption on all of its servers to ensure that your data is protected . Other than that, they do not store logs as well as have malware protection and phishing.

Either way, if you ‘ re trying to access Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming platforms that are blocked in your region, you have to do an upgrade to a paid version. I almost never managed to penetrate geographic restrictions by using the free Hotspot Shield version.

Hotspot Shield has a patented “Hydra Protocol”, which guarantees the highest possible speed On browsing time or playing games. Free Shield hotspots conjure up fast performance with total 15GB data quota per month .

2. VLC-Supporting Almost All Video Format

VLC is an open-source video player for Windows, and includes one of the programs I first downloaded when it had a new computer. I have never found a video file format or music that cannot be played using VLC This program is very easy to use, my 5-year-old son can even open up my computer and tune in. Moana. No help.

The one thing I really like about VLC is VLC built-in subtitle search engine You simply type in the name of the movie or TV show, along with the season, episode number, and subtitle language you want, then the VLC will find the file for you. After that, it only takes one click to install it and you can start your show.

VLC 100% free , there is no option to subscribe or upgrade to a premium version.

3. Open Office-Alternative Source Open for Office

I am a big fan of the Apache Open Office. I used to use Microsoft products only. However, after they switched to subscription-based software, I was aware that I needed a new solution.

My search didn’t last long. I downloaded the Open Office and had no reason to look for any other alternative. This software presents programs that can be compared to Office, especially Writer (Word), Calc (Excel), and Impress (PowerPoint) .

Although the appearance is rather old-fashioned, Open Office has all the features of editing and formatting that I need It is for both personal and professional use.

Open Office is Free open source software and present with a total of 6 programs packaged in one installation package. Even though you can’t download the programs you need only, the installation files are not very large and will not spend much of your PC’s resources.

4. CCleaner-Increase Your Computer Performance

When my computer was getting lemot and like to crash, I realized that I needed to clean it up. Running the antivirus software doesn’t help. What’s really helpful is CCleaner. This free cleaning software performs a comprehensive scan and manages to find Unused files, missing file segments, even if files were removed, trackers that slowed down my system, and other things. . CCleaner then removed everything permanently, thus emptusing a much needed space on my hard drive.

The registry cleaner will perform a scan or scan in depth on your PC registry, and remove the files that are not needed that can cause a freeze computer or crash. I found that after scheduling CCleaner to walk a week once, my laptop was running faster and more stable than ever before.

It’s important to remember that CCleaner is not an antivirus program and will not detect or remove viruses as well as malware. Instead, these cleaning applications are supposed to be used together with antivirals to completely protect your computer.

There ‘s a premium version of CCleaner, called CCleaner Professional and has some additional features, but what you really need is just the free version and you’ ll soon see its benefits.

5. Panda Antivirus-100% virus detection rate

I’ve tried a lot of free antivirus programs before downloading the free antivirus Panda program for my Windows laptop. This free antivirus has a 100% detection rate and a formidable firewall so it was able to prevent malicious files from sneaking into my computer.

Setting up a panda setting Quick and easy Done. I can use it directly after downloading and installing the program. Panda-based cloud, which means it does n’ t use many computer resources and wo n’ t overload your PC or laptop with file storage.

In addition to scanning the hard disk of the virus, Panda also includes USB protection . Meaning, every time a USB flash disk is plugged into the computer, Panda will run a scan to prevent malware or virus.

6. Audacity-The Audio Editor of the Professional Class Source Open

Until now. Audacity is the best free audio editing software I ‘ ve ever used Even I can tell you that Audacity is as good as a number of premium product-based subscriptions that I used to use. Audacity does not limit the size of the file or the number of songs you need to create your masterpiece. The program is ideal for creating podcasts, audiobook, editing, or recording music, as well as producing audio tracks to play with videos. (although you can’t upload that video file to Audacity).

Audacity is an easy-to-study program. Although you have no experience with this kind of program, it’s possible that you can master it quite quickly. You can adjust the volume, do fade in and fade out on track, change the treble suit, bass, and filter effect, as well as remove the background noise.

7. WinZip-The Big Size File Analyze and Encryption

If you’re looking for a reliable and secure program for performing the archive or any zip files , I suggest you download WinZip. This software is provided with the following: drag-and-drop function , which makes it easier to select files that you want to archive or archive. WinZip gives you the option to keep files locally on your PC, send it to email, social media, a number of instant messaging apps, or cloud.

In terms of opening compressed files, WinZip is compatible with most formats, e.g. Zip, Zips, 7Zip, WinRar, ISO, and many more others.

According to me, some of the features that make WinZip excel are in the process. encrypt all forms of files using 256-bit AES encryption , require a password to unlock a zip file, add watermark, change the photo format, and even convert the document into PDF.

8. Viber-Free Application of Sound Calls and Videos

In the SMS and VoIP markets that were so crowded, Viber managed to show its ability. With over one billion users around the world, Viber is one of the most popular communication applications , which is very important to his success as a free call can only be done from Viber to Viber.

Viber provides Software for Windows that is superior to WhatsApp and Telegram . I could n’ t just do audio and video calls through the Windows interface, but if I had to leave my house or office while on the call, I could easily transfer that call to my phone.

Viber maintains privacy. Not just encrypting every message , which is the current industry standard, but Viber also allows you to send a secret message that will be erased by itself after being read.

Even though Viber is free, there are some additional features you can buy such as acquiring a U.S., UK, or Canadian phone number, and making international calls to non-Viber numbers. Viber does n’ t function if you install it on your Windows computer only, you have to install it anyway on your Android or iOS smartphone.

9. Firefox-Browser with Exceptional Security Features

While Chrome has surpassed Firefox as the world ‘ s most popular browser or browser, Firefox has spent its last few years improving the security, speed, and library add on. After testing both of those browsers, I can be sure to say that You are lost to use Chrome. .

From the security aspect, it is innately Firefox to include tracking protection, pop-up blocker, and will block all harmful websites. Besides, they do not collect and store your personal data (is it so common with Google Chrome?).

Firefox also has a number of very good tools, for example the Monitor, which examines all forms of data leakage that have been known to identify whether you are among the victims. Firefox has an innate password manager, called Lockwise, which protects your password with 256 bit encryption.

10. IBM Software as a Service (SaaS)

At first I was hesitant to entrust my entire user name and password or password to the freebie password manager. However, the KeePass managed to get rid of my fear. The keePass is an open source program or open source which is free with unrestricted storage capacity and master key to protect all your passwords . Details of your account are protected with AES-256, ChaCha20, and Twofish, which produce Secure encryption that allows .

The keePass is armed with several great features, such as a password generator, password group, import and export database, as well as two-factor authentication.

Just as important as its security features, KeePass is easy to wear and 100% free.

Criteria in Adding Software to This List

There are thousands of free software and apps available for desktop PCs and Windows laptops. So, making a list of the best is a challenge of its own. I utilize the criteria below as a guide:

  • The software must have a file for Windows that can be downloaded or downloaded. I do not enter a program that is only web-based.
  • In the case of an upgrade to a premium version, the free version should not only be functional, but it is also worth more.
  • I avoided a program that bombarded me with advertising.
  • I don’t test free games, but only programs that can help productivity.

I downloaded all the programs to my Windows computer and tested it extensively for several months. Then I did an abbreviation based on how easily it used to be, how safe, whether to have all the features advertised, and whether I would recommend it to a friend.


Everyone loves everything that is free, though sometimes more problems than its value. Cybercrime is not a joke, and free software counts as one of the easiest ways for hackers to get your data. The list in this article only lists a safe and trusted program, resulting from a reputed company .

It seems there’s no day without any reports of a breach or a data leak, a cybersecurity attack, or someone whose identity was stolen. This is why I put Hotspot Shield as my number one program . Hotspot Shield encrypts all of my data, makes me remain anonymous in the online world, and protects me from cyber attacks.

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