Best VPNs Reddit Users Recommend

Best VPNs Reddit Users Recommend

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I spent hours analyzing Reddit To find the VPNs that Reddit users like most. I’ve read dozens of real reviews — and hundreds of fake reviews — and I’ve been going through it. pages for safety, streaming, torrents and other To discover everything Reddit users think about VPN. You can read their full reviews below.

Update: I see a growing tendency to recommend by an increasing number of people a relatively new VPN- Surfshark This is probably due to from currently available rebate .

Quick Guide: Favorites by Reddit VPN users

  1. NordVPN : NordVPN, a favorite for fast streaming, can bypass any geoblokada.
  2. ProtonVPN : Secure Core servers and budget-friendly plans make ProtonVPN a popular choice for users who care for security.
  3. Mullvad : This service moves privacy to a different level with anonymous accounts and the possibility to pay cash.

Free VPN-Does Reddit users click on or against free VPN?

Reddit users often argue for differences of opinion, but they agree that free VPN is not safe .

There’s no such thing as “absolutely free”. Running a VPN is expensive, and vendors must cover the costs involved. Most free VPN services is not fair when it comes to how they make money , and usually takes place at the expense of security of their users .

Free VPN services earn thanks to:

  • Display advertisements and annoying pop-up windows .
  • Selling of personal data third parties.
  • Use of data for marketing and advertising.
  • Use a device as an output node for paid subscribers.

If you need a VPN for only a short period or want to try a service before you get involved , Reddit users recommend taking advantage of the free trial of the premium VPN . That way you can try service for free without jeopardising safety.

Best VPN by Reddit Users-Full Analysis (Update March 2021)

1. NordVPN-The Best For Streaming and Bypassing Geographical Locks

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Smart Select automatically bypasses geobloki
  • Over 5,390 servers in 61 countries

Offer NordVPN March 2021: It’s hard to find NordVPN’s active offers, so I was really surprised to find that one! Click here to get a 68% discount on NordVPN subscription today ! Discount accrued automatically (no code is required).

NordVPN is the best choice of Reddit users and it is easy to understand why.

Preserves strict no logins policy So you know that your data cannot be disclosed or sold. Uses 256-bit encryption To protect you from hackers and spies, and all of its apps have automatic emergency switch .

Thanks fast servers in 61 countries You can use NordVPN to stream content from anywhere in the world. Refreshes the IP addresses of the servers regularly, so You don’t have to worry about VPN locking . According to r/NetflixByProxy it is one of the few services not blocked by Netflix.

Smart Select facilitates omission of geoblocator . The smart choice detects the server you need to use, and it switches automatically so you can enjoy a smooth stream transmission .

NordVPN is also a hitem of r/privacy, because its masked camouflaged web traffic So it looks like you’re not using a VPN. This is perfect solution if you live in the country where the censorship is applied and Internet surveillance, such as China.

You can try NordVPN without risk thanks to 30-day money back guarantee To see why this is the best choice for VPN users. Or read more about what real users think about NordVPN .

NordVPN can unlock:

  • Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video and Sling TV.

It supports torrents:

  • Yes, there are P2P special servers available.

NordVPN works on systems with systems:

  • Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome and Firefox. It is also compatible with routers.

2. ProtonVPN-Best of Savings Plans

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Secure Core servers for additional security
  • Flexible plans available for each budget

ProtonVPN is popular with Reddit users due to fast connections, large server selection and Secure Core technology .

Secure Core routes the data across multiple servers before it leaves the network. This prevents spies from monitoring the network and matching the browse activity to the connection.

Network servers are in secure data centers in Switzerland, Iceland and Sweden. This means that your data is protected by strong privacy laws .

ProtonVPN uses military class encryption to protect your data. Leads strict policy of no logins And its applications have built-in uninterruptible power switch to prevent the network from leaving the unprotected network when a connection is interrupted.

It also offers protection against leaking DNS , a Always On function ensures that your personal data will never be disclosed.

One of the favorites by Reddit users is ProtonVPN is Built-in Tora support . The Connection of the tora and the top-down VPN provides highest level of security It also protects against damaged Tora nodes and monitored servers.

ProtonVPN offers a limited free account So you can test the service before moving to one of the resilient and affordable subscriptions All of her plans are covered 30-day money back guarantee . Read the real user reviews To find out more about why people love ProtonVPN.

3. Mullvad VPN-Best for Anonymity

  • Three-hour free trial and 30-day money back guarantee
  • Anonymous Accounts
  • Accepts Cash Payments

Reddit is full of fierce fans of Mullvad network, who are excited about its affordable prices and easy to use a simplified approach .

Currently offers Windows and MacOS applications But it has been criticized for lack of iOS and Android support. Regardless, it is one of the few providers of bidders applications for Debian and Fedora .

Mullvad offers all the necessary security functions, such as 256-bit encryption and non-log policy . However, offered by it anonymous accounts They really differentiate it from other VPN providers.

During registration, you assign you an account number instead of a user name and password. Mullvad does not use your name, email address, or other identifying information .

To get full anonymity, you can even pay cash . If you are a fan of convenience, you also accept credit cards, PayPal, Swish and bank transfers .

Mullvad offers 3-hour free trial , so you can try out his service before buying a subscription. It also offers 30-day money back guarantee for all its plans. You can find out more, reading customer reviews .

Where to find VPN on Reddicie

Reddit Organizational Structure is difficult to navigate for users who have no experience. Exists Several VPN subcategories , called subreddits, containing reviews, advice, and technical assistance.

We created the main list of subreddits of VPN To help you navigate Reddit.

Subreddits VPN

  1. r/VPN: It’s a great place to find general information about using VPN . Experts at hand, ready to answer all questions and provide basic support.
  2. r/VPNReviews: Find here detailed user reviews for almost any VPN on the market.
  3. r/VPNTorrents: This place, in which you can discuss the torrent secrets for VPN help.
  4. r/privacy: This subreddit will allow You stay up to date with online security threats and security solutions.
  5. r/NetflixByProxy: All subreddit dedicated to Netflix bypass geoblocating .


It is difficult to impress users on Reddit, but the VPN networks on our list have succeeded!

NordVPN is R/NetflixByProxy is the best choice for streaming Because he can bypass any geoblotion on his way.

Although Mullvad VPN is a smaller provider, it is the Reddit favorites when it comes to privacy. In contrast to its competitors, accepts cash payments sent by post, so that you can stay 100% anonymous.

To Obtain best combination of security and speed , Reddit users recommend ProtonVPN. In accordance with r/privacy, his built-in compatibility with Torem is necessary to secure the connections.

You still don’t know which VPN is going to be the best for you? Reddit recommends NordVPN.

To sum up, here’s the best VPN according to Reddit users in 2021 …

Evaluation Vendor Our Score User Rating
NordVPN NordVPN 9.8 /10
2 ExpressVPN ExpressVPN 9.8 /10
3 Surfshark Surfshark 9.6 /10
4 CyberGhost VPN CyberGhost VPN 9.4 /10
5 Private Internet Access Private Internet Access 9.2 /10

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