Port Forwarding - What is it and can it benefit you in

Port Forwarding – What is it and can it benefit you in 2021?

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Port forwarding /port diversion Or … “tunneling.” Making unwanted traffic doesn’t go to the network. By allowing a computer or network device to access the other devices from outside the local network, port forwarding captures the data traffic that leads to the IP of a computer or a combination port/port combination and alienable it to IP and/or a different port.

Host He usually runs a program on a purpose computer. but it can also be run through intermediaries like proxy servers, routers or firewalls. Although the host uses this method to hide its location and/or address IP , those who transmit data to the server will not be aware of this existence and its information will be to capture the objective without interference.

While this is a pretty common term, but not everyone really understands what port forwarding is actually, its needs, or the way it works. It ‘ s not only used by expert programmers but we can all use it to use provide better protection on our source/source computer .

As long as what is offered can be truly understood, Port forwarding It’s something that benefits us all. . In this article, we explain what port forwarding is, what it does, the way it works, and its benefits to you.

Is that the real Port?

A Port receive information that is moved from one place to another. Allows information and data to flow from a program on your computer, or to your computer from the Internet or from any other computer in the same network.

Ports Numbered. for the purpose of programming and consistency. Commonly used for identical system services or functions to use port number the same is the same as the recipient’s server. Number Port and address IP user created information ” who did what? ” It is stored by the Cloud Service.

Okay, so what does it mean from Mem-Forward a Port?

When you use port forwarding, You redirect the information and data between a computer on the local network, and a computer on the outside network. It could be next to your house, or someone who lives in another hemisphere of this earth.

It’s basically a process that captures data at the moment of the IP address of a particular computer, and then points it to a completely different location. You forward/mem-forwarding the port to a different computer, which receives data from the computer from the origin that sends the data.

How Do The Port Forwarding Work?

Port forwarding is the best way to save an IP address . This way can protect clients and servers from hacker attacks and help fix your system-usually more often used to protect a common IP address. Port forwarding can Hide services and servers on a network , but the most important thing is adding extra layer of security on the network .

Port forwarding is the most effective means for creating unwanted traffic does not get into the network . This way allows the network to use only one IP address only for all external communications while using multiple ports and IP addresses internally.

Port forwarding Best described by following the following steps. -I

Whatever the reason, for example you have a friend in another city who wants to control your computer. This means he can use your computer from their computer anywhere and anywhere, as if he was sitting in front of your computer.

To access your computer, your friend is going to open a remote desktop program , then send a request to your IP address, using a specific port number. In this case, consider it a port of 3389. The request then travels over the internet, and arrives to your router. When it ‘ s already up to your router, then the router itself needs to know where to send the request.

At this time, if your router has not been instructed to forward any request from port 3389, then it will not know what to do, and will reject such requests. But since you’ve set up port forwarding for 3389, it will allow the request to pass, create a connection, allow the data to communicate in a free two-way.

This process is similar By means of the switchboard/switch when you call the company that uses the extension numbers. Examples, for example you would like to call a particular department of the company that uses extension 405. You first press the phone number of the company, and when it appears commands, press the extension number, which will direct your call to the location of the extension number Port forwarding following the same concept.

Port Forwarding Type

There is three main types port forwarding, each with a different purpose and function.

Local Port Forwarding

Local port forwarding is the most commonly used forwarding port form that will Forward data with the safe from the application Client that runs on your computer . This way allows the user to be connected to another server through Secure tunnel /lane-safe and send information as well as data to a specific port or destination. Firewalls that block certain pages can also be skipped using local port forwarding.

Remote Port Forwarding

This type forwarding port allows everyone who is on the remote server/remote-remote server to TCP port. Remote port forwarding is very useful in establish external access to internal web servers , it is most often used by remote workers/remote workers when accessing secure servers from home.

Dynamic Port Forwarding

This is the most rarely used type of forwarding port, this way of allowing you to penetrate the firewall using what is called the pinholes firewall. This way allows clients to create secure connections through a “trusted” server Which acts as an intermediary, transmits data to other servers. Can be used to provide additional security for users who are connected to a dubious network (untrusted network), for example at a coffee shop or hotel.

Why Use Port Forwarding?

Port forwarding is very useful, and can be used for many different functions ranging from better security and blocking unwanted access, to playing games, managing access to home cameras, and so on. Also useful for remote computer access and Hide yourself or your network of peeers.

For the Game

  • Forwarding port-port to online gaming consoles
  • Allow friends to access your gaming server
  • Set up your own personal server

For Security

  • Testing a port
  • Restoring router password
  • Protection from DDoS attack.

For Public Use

  • Accessing the home security cameras
  • Access your computer from anywhere in the whole
  • Past firewall
  • Accelerating the download of files in the torrent
  • Improve your router performance
  • Send a request on many servers without revealing the actual location or IP address

Usability Port Forwarding And VPN

Using connection VPN standard while doing port forwarding is not recommended, but the more VPN provider now this is what suggested the options port forwarding their own. This service gives you the same access and port forwarding functionality, without making your information and privacy vulnerable to attacks.

This is very valuable especially if you use a P2P connection to download the torrent. Please note that if the provider VPN has no option Port forwarding , then Can’t supporting torrent uploads, but Can supporting download. If VPN You support both , it has certainly offered its own forwarding port options that are very worthy of use.

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