The 10 Best Ad Blockers for Chrome

The 10 Best Ad Blockers for Chrome (free and paid)

Tomas Wilsdow

Last updated by Tomas Wilsdow - February 24th, 2021 - 05:50 pm

Be careful when choosing software to block annoying and dangerous advertisements: some put your safety at risk. Many advertising blockers (mostly free of charge) sell your data to advertisers or install malware, advertising trackers and viruses on your device .

Starting from the premise that these are serious risks to your security, try its different software by yourself can be very dangerous. Don’t worry, I personally tested 19 advertising blockers to list the top 10 pay and free services, so you won’t be facing security risks yourself. These suppliers remove the annoying advertisements, improve your loading rates and are completely safe.

If you need a quick response, The best advertising blocker is Surfshark’s CleanWeb , because it removes many ads, blocks malware and works on most browsers (like Chrome, Firefox and others). You can even Use free of charge for 30 days with its refund guarantee When I tried myself, the customer support returned the money to me in just 5 days.

Quick Guide: The Top 10 Advertising Blokers that Operate Really in 2021

  1. Surfshark’s CleanWeb -The best blocker to suppress ads and provide total security on the internet. In addition, it is not expensive!
  2. AdBlock -Customizable advertising blocking options, but has a policy of ” Acceptable advertising ” Which allows the least intrusive ads to be displayed.
  3. NordVPN CyberSec -Protect you from advertisements and dangerous websites, but can’t block Youtube ads.
  4. Private Internet Access (PIA) -Stoppe ads, trackers and malicious websites but does not always block self-promotional ads on the web page itself.
  5. R.O.B.E.R.T. of Windscribe -Blocks most ads and categories of websites, but some intrusive ads can remain visible.
  6. AdLock -An effective advertising blocker without a policy of acceptable ads, but requires a paid subscription for the stand-alone application.
  7. AdBlocker Ultimate -Compatible with a large panel of web browsers but does not work on Safari.
  8. UBlock Origin -Blocks ads, but support is limited in the absence of its own website.
  9. Stands Fair AdBlocker -Keep your ad blocking data anonymous, but is only available on Chrome.
  10. Opera Browser -A basic pub blocker that is embedded in the Opera browser, but does not delete all ads.

10 Best Publicity Bars Free and Paid in March 2021

1. Surfshark’s CleanWeb-N ° 1 to Block the Pubs and the Dangereux Web Sites

Main Features:

  • Always blocks annoying ads that cover your screen
  • Blocks websites containing malware and phishing links that steal your information
  • Decreases the loading time of web pages by preventing ads from using your bandwidth
  • Easy to configure in 3 steps
  • Included in the Surfshark subscription at no extra cost (and you can try it with the 30-day refund guarantee)

While most blockers only work on certain browsers, Surfshark’s CleanWeb is able to block a wide range of advertising on any browser During the tests, I tested it with different browsers like Chrome and Firefox and also different sites like Daily Mail, Forbes and The Economist that have a lot of ads. I was impressed that he managed to eliminate all the ads on many browsers (even pop-up video ads that are difficult to delete). This made my reading much more pleasant because I could concentrate on the content of the website.

I also immediately Noticed speeds of loading much faster pages with CleanWeb Since the ads did not take my precious bandwidth. This is especially important to me because I do not have a very large debit with my Internet provider, so ads really slow down Internet browsing. For example, the website of the Daily Mail ma usually takes between 5 and 10 seconds to load completely with all the ads. I was impressed that 2-3 seconds are enough with CleanWeb.

In bonus, CleanWeb prevents you from going to websites with malware If your computer is infected, it can significantly slow down your speeds and allow third parties to steal your personal data. CleanWeb checks to see if the site on which you are trying to go is in its database of dangerous web pages, which is updated very regularly. To see for me-even if this functionality works, I used it on a site that includes test malware that is designed to help you test malware blockers. I was relieved to see that CleanWeb blocks the page by displaying an alert message.

CleanWeb managed to block a web site containing malware during my tests

During my tests, I was pleasantly surprised that Surfshark offers an unlimited number of simultaneous connections with different devices This means that you can use it on different computers, smartphones and tablets to block ads. I tried it on my iPhone and all the ads went missing! After a month’s use of Surfshark, I even discovered that it saved me from the place on my phone because the ads were no longer loaded.

Another advantage is that Surfshark is a stand-alone VPN service that will protect you with its many other features In addition, its native application is available in French. Surfshark’s CleanWeb works on almost every device and operating system, which is better than the extensions that only work on a specific browser. In addition, Surfshark’s VPN also protects you in a way that other advertising blockers cannot. For example, it encrypts your data to protect you from hackers, hides your IP address and erases any logs of your web browsing. This level of security is much better than the protection offered by other types of advertising blockers.

CleanWeb is included in the Surfshark subscription, so you can enjoy the advantages of a VPN and an ads blocker without paying in addition. If you are interested in taking a long-term subscription, you can Try Surfshark’s CleanWeb for free for 30 days You only have to use the repayment guarantee period and request a cancellation of your subscription if you are not satisfied. When I tested the process myself, I was reimbursed in just 4 days after speaking to a customer support representative via live chat (2 4/24 7/ 7). I could even contact the customer service in French.

Surfshark’s CleanWeb works under: Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.

Surfshark’s CleanWeb compatibility with web browsers: Works on any web browser as a stand-alone program and also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

2. AdBlock-Allows you to Customize your Pubs Blocking Preference

Main Features:

  • Blocks most banner ads, pop-ups and annoying video (except those in the program ” Acceptable pubs “)
  • Stoppe the online advertising trackers, so keep your data private and secure
  • Allows for faster web pages to be loaded by deleting ads
  • Easy to use browser extension that can be downloaded in less than 1 minute
  • Totally free (with the possibility of making a donation)

AdBlock blocks ads with an Internet browser extension and an Android and iOS app. It worked well during my tests Because it has systematically deleted wallpaper, banners and advertising windows On information sites such as the Daily Mail and Orlando Sentinel. I was particularly impressed that he Also blocks video ads on Youtube (since many ads blockers do not work on this platform.) With AdBlock, I was able to watch content hours without seeing a single advertisement. I even worked on other popular streaming sites like Twitch and Crunchyroll.

The functionality of Adblock that I prefer is that you can personalize to give you control over the ads you want to see. I was surprised that he even lets you choose whether you want to allow ads on certain channels Youtube and Twitch.

In bonus, Adblock has additional security that protects you from malicious software To get started, it blocks web sites containing malware to prevent your device from becoming infected. It also prevents advertisers from tracking your movements on the internet by blocking trackers. This prevents advertisers from being able to spy on the websites on which you are going. With his duties, I was reassured that my navigation would remain private.

My only problem with AdBlock is that it Has a program of ” Acceptable advertising ” This means that it allows the display of certain ads if it is recognized as non-intrusive. From my experience, I found that he always blocked all postings on the websites I visited. Although the acceptable advertising program means that some ads may be allowed, Adblock’s criteria for non-intrusive ads are strict enough that this does not affect your browsing experience.

Adblock does not invoice its users for its services and no credit card is required to register. Which means that you can Test for free I tried it myself and I was able to check that there were no hidden costs. You will be asked to make a small donation if you wish, but this is not mandatory.

AdBlock has a stand-alone application for: Android and iOS.

AdBlock extension available for: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

3. NordVPN CyberSec-Bloque les Publicités, les Traellers et les Links de Phishing

Main Features:

  • Effectively blocks a large panel of annoying ads
  • Blocks web pages with malware and stops robot attacks on your computer
  • Web sites take less time to load
  • Included at no additional cost with the subscription to NordVPN (and you can try it for free with their 30-day refund guarantee)
  • Easy installation and configuration

NordVPN CyberSec effectively blocks all pubs On many sites during my tests I was impressed with this performance, with few services able to: block 100 % of aggressive ads on sites like Orlando Sentinel. Fortunately, this was not a problem for CyberSec: it wiped out all advertising of wallpaper, banners and other ads. I enjoyed reading the news without pop-ups covering the screen.

There was also a noticeable difference in the loading time of web pages. I was surprised that the sites that usually put 5-10 seconds to load on my laptop (because of all these ads) only need 1-2 seconds with CyberSec! I did the same experiment with my iPhone – That is, navigate faster and also consume less data In addition, NordVPN offers its native application in French.

This software gives you a lot of value Because it combines the blocking of ads and the VPN technology to protect you With security features that other programs do not provide. For example, CyberSec automatically blocks websites that expose you to malicious software or robot attacks. Another function uses military grade encryption to prevent hackers from spying on your browsing history. I have been relieved that these functions offer even greater protection against advertisers who want to harm my privacy.

The only minor inconvenience of CyberSec is that it Cannot block video ads on Youtube and other streaming platforms . Despite everything, I don’t think it’s a big problem because it’s so reliable to remove all ads from other websites.

Cyber Sec is included free of charge for the NordVPN subscription, so you can use it both to block ads and as a VPN at an affordable cost. In addition, you can Test for yourself free for 30 days By operating their 30-day refund guarantee. After a short chat with the customer service of NordVPN, I got my refund in just 4 days. In addition, I have even been able to speak with the customer service in French.

NordVPN CyberSec works under: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux.

NordVPN CyberSec compatibility with web browsers: Works with any web browser thanks to its standalone application and also has an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

March 2021-Update: For a limited time only! Save 68 % with the 2-year subscription + win 3 extra months free! Hurry up and view this offer here !

4. MACE de Private Internet Access (PIA) – Prevents the Annuners from You Traquer

Main Features:

  • Stoppe ads and trackers that affect your privacy and online experience
  • Allows a faster load of web pages
  • Blocks websites with malware that can damage your device
  • Ergonomic interface, easy for beginners
  • Included at no additional cost with a PIA subscription (try it safely with the 30-day refund guarantee)

When I tested it with 4 different websites, PIA Mace has removed almost all pop-ups, banners and video ads However, it has not been able to block the websites’ self-promotional announcements. When I was on the Wired site, the only announcement that succeeded in circumventing the MACE filter was the promotion of MACE. It wasn’t too much a problem for me because it fit well with the rest of the website and I didn’t find it visually distracting like other ads.

I felt safe by using MACE because It also has security features to protect you from online threats For example, it prevents advertisers from tracking your business. This ensures that my private data cannot be tracked and sold to unreliable third parties. It also means that I had to see repetitive ads on a product that I had recently seen on other websites. In addition, PIA offers its native apps in French on many devices and platforms.

MACE regularly updates its list of sites suspected of containing malware It checks whether the web page you have entered corresponds to one on its list and will block those that appear in it so that you are not exposed. This feature allowed me to surf the web quietly, as I knew that MACE would protect me from viruses coming from dangerous sites and that could damage my computer.

PIA’s MACE requires a subscription, but you can have it for free once registered. This is a good business since you will have both a VPN and a pubs blocker for complete security. If you hesitate to take MACE from PIA, you can Test for free for 30 days Using its refund guarantee. When I contacted the customer support to take advantage of it, I was reimbursed in just 8 days.

PIA MACE works under: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux.

PIA MACE compatibility with web browsers: Works with any web browser thanks to its standalone application and also has an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

5. Windscribe R.O.B.E.R.T.-Bloque les Pubs and Web Sites Undesirable

Main Features:

  • Prevents the majority of ads from displaying on most websites
  • Blocks groups of websites by content (for example, gambling, social networks, fake news)
  • Loads web sites faster
  • Simple Interface
  • R.O.B.E.R.T. of Windscribe offers a free version (with limited features)

R.O.B.E.R.T. of Windscribe is a customizable security tool that blocks pubs and many other threats During my tests, he hid more than 90 % of the ads on most sites. Some video ads managed to get around the filters, but I found it to be bearable because it was the ads of the sites themselves. With fewer ads that use my data, I noticed that pages get between 2 and 5 seconds on loading.

I was impressed that R.O.B.E.R.T. allows you to block categories of web pages in addition to pubs I find this functionality very useful because I do not want my children to unintentionally land on porn sites or gambling.

In addition to stopping ads, R.O.B.E.R.T. protects you from other serious threats to your security For example, it blocks sites with malware, phishing links and trackers. With such protection, I am not worried that dangerous viruses can enter my computer if I inadvertently click on a wrong link.

Another advantage of Windscribe (the creator of R.O.B.E.R.T.) is that it is One of the safest free VPNs , so you can try it without cost. Even though R.O.B.E.R.T. still blocks pubs and malware, this version has limitations. For example, you cannot customize it to block categories of websites and you are limited to 10 GB of data per month. You can Get more security options with the 30-day refund guarantee from the premium version When I applied for the refund, the funds were on my account within 5 working days.

R.O.B.E.R.T. of Windscribe operates under: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux.

Compatibility of R.O.B.E.R.T. of Windscribe with web browsers: Works with any web browser thanks to its standalone application and also has an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Visit Windscribe!

6. AdLock-Removes ads on Web Browsers and Other Apps

Main Features:

  • Stoppe most ads on web browsers and other apps
  • Protects your computer by blocking malicious links and trackers
  • Accelerates the loading of your web pages
  • Interface with easy navigation on different operating systems and browsers
  • Free extension for Chrome and Safari browsers

AdLock allows you to choose between using it as a browser extension or as a separate application on your desktop . I preferred to download the application because it allowed me to block ads on different software like Skype (and not just my web browser.)

The browser extension had no problem blocking pop-ups, banners, and advertising videos. I was also impressed because He managed to prevent Youtube ads from playing , while few services do. I was able to see the video I was looking for without waiting for the end of the long advertisements.

Even better, AdLock does not have a list of ” Acceptable advertising ” That it allows. This means that advertisers cannot pay for them to unlock their ads-which is the case for many other software products.

You will be safer online as AdLock blocks websites and dangerous links That could infect your device with malware or steal your personal information. If he encounters any of his dangers, he sends you a warning message. I was pleasantly surprised that these features could be easily activated from a simple interface.

Be aware that you can Use Adlock’s browser extensions free of charge , but it will only block advertisements on the web browser on which it is installed. If you want to delete ads on other applications (such as Skype), you will need to download the standalone program for Windows or MacOS. The MacOS version is free, but you will have to pay a subscription if you want to use it on a PC. Luckily, you can try it 14 days for free before you subscribe.

AdLock has a stand-alone application for: Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.

AdLock extension available for: Chrome and Safari.

7. AdBlocker Ultimate-Blocks Pubs on a Great Variety of Navigators

Main Features:

  • Stoppe annoying ads on many browsers and Windows apps
  • Protects your computer from dangerous malware and phishing links
  • Optimizes site loading time
  • Simple user interface
  • Free browser extensions, Android browser and iOS app

AdBlocker Ultimate detaches from other services because it has extensions for a variety of web browsers. You can use it on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera During my tests, he systematically blocked pop-ups, banners and videos on each of these browsers. I was impressed to see That it even blocked streaming ads on Youtube .

Although the browser extensions are reliable, they only work for this particular browser. If you want to get rid of even more ads, AdBlocker Ultimate has a Windows standalone program that even prevents ads from appearing in the apps. Similarly, it offers a unique browser for Android that systematically filters ads.

As a Mac user, I was disappointed that there were no extensions for Safari. Since I use it with Chrome, it would have been good if it worked for both. If you prefer Safari, I recommend you To try Surfshark’s CleanWeb Because it blocks ads on any browser.

What is good with AdBlocker is that you can Use its browser extensions and smartphone apps on Android and iOS free of charge Although the Windows program pays, you are entitled to a free trial period of 14 days and a refund guarantee of 60 days after your subscription. When I tested their policy, I was reimbursed after a long process: I had to wait two weeks before being reimbursed by AdBlocker.

AdBlocker Ultimate has standalone applications for: Windows, Android, and iOS.

AdBlocker Ultimate Extension available for: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

8. UBlock Origin-A Pubs Blocker Who Optimizes Your Device Resources

Main Features:

  • Store ads on web sites efficiently
  • Protects your computer from trackers and sites with malware
  • Reduces the loading time of web pages
  • Easy to configure
  • Extensions for free browsers for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera

UBlock Origin is a basic program for blocking ads. It was not originally created with the blocking of pubs as the main characteristic, but it always fulfills its function well. During testing, It effectively blocked ads on various news sites and even on YouTube .

Since uBlock Origin has been designed to optimize the resources of your computer, you will see that your computer is running more efficiently when uBlock Origin is enabled. I personally did not see any significant improvement on the overall performance of my system, but I found that the Web pages put 2-3 seconds less to load without the ads .

The best part of uBlock Origin is its customization options. You can create your own filters and configure them to block images from the ad Unfortunately, the more complex features can be difficult to understand and to use correctly if you are not an expert. In any case, the default settings work very well and are easy to use.

One of the disadvantages of UBlock Origin is that it does not have its own website , it is sometimes difficult to find the extension you need. This means that if you want to download extensions for different browsers, you will need to find them individually on a search engine. I was also disappointed to see There is no customer service .

Despite its limitations, I still think it’s a good extension to block ads. You can use the following links and try it for free under Chromium , Microsoft Edge , Firefox And Opera .

UBlock Origin has standalone apps for: None for the moment.

UBlock Origin extensions available for: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera.

9. Stands Fair AdBlocker-Keep your Pubs Anonymous Blocking History Anonymous

Main Features:

  • Stoppe a wide variety of static ads, pop-ups and videos
  • Blocks links from sites containing malware and trackers
  • Allows a faster load of web pages
  • Easy configuration
  • Extension for the free Chrome browser

Stands Fair AdBlocker effectively suppresses all kinds of pubs When I used it, I never saw a single advertisement on YouTube, Facebook, Forbes, Daily Mail and other sites. It also protects you with security features including the blocking of malware and trackers.

In addition, Stands Fair AdBlocker is one of the few programs I found that tracks no online activity of its users. All ads that it blocks are never linked to your IP address, email address, or user ID. This reassures me that they do not sell my data to advertisers, which is what a good number of unreliable advertising blockers do.

Stands Fair AdBlocker also offers several useful customizations options For example, you can change the settings to allow viewing of some or all of the ads on selected sites. There is even an option to activate ads on Facebook or on search engines.

The main weakness of this advertising blocker, Is that it is only available on the Chrome browser This was not a problem for me, because I use Chrome most of the time. In any case, if you want an ad blocker that works with any web browser and with the apps, you can Try Surfshark’s CleanWeb .

You can Use Stands Fair AdBlocker for free On your Chrome browser, so you can test it by yourself without risk. Simply add it in the extensions and you can browse the web without being distracted by the ads.

Stands Fair AdBlocker has a stand-alone application for: None for the moment.

Extension Stands Fair AdBlocker available for: Chrome.

10. Opera Browser-Publicity Blocker No Extension Required

Main Features:

  • Stoppe the majority of ads with the possibility of blocking trackers
  • Blocks web sites containing malware
  • Loading faster web pages
  • Easy configuration, no extension to install
  • Totally free

If you are looking for an easy to use option, Opera browser has an integrated pubs blocker to improve the net experience This means that you do not need to download an additional extension or other software. You can easily activate it by clicking on the shield icon in the search bar to completely remove the ads.

Unfortunately, It did not block 100 % of the ads when I tested it On several websites. These are mostly video pop-ups that have been able to circumvent its filter. However, I was impressed by the fact that it blocks YouTube ads in streaming-even if it presents an empty screen for the duration of the advertising. For a free integrated service, I find that these limitations are acceptable, since 90 % of the most annoying ads have been deleted.

It also has some basic security and privacy features such as blocking sites containing malware You can also enable a tracker blocker to ensure that your net transactions are undetectable for spyware advertisers.

You can Try Opera for free And decide for yourself if the small number of ads is still too much. If you prefer to be totally free of annoying pop-ups, I recommend you Try a more reliable service like Surfshark’s CleanWeb .

The browser advertising blocker Opera has an app stand alone for: None for the moment.

The Opera browser advertising blocker works on: Opera.

Avoid using these Pubs Blocking DANGEROUS

Be very careful when choosing an ad blocker: Many are fake programs created by hackers to infect your devices with malware! They can be used to steal your personal data, your financial information and your identification information or even show you more ads.

Most of the free services are particularly dangerous Because many of them secretly collect your data online (such as your browsing history) to sell them to unreliable third parties. In addition, many free advertising blockers do not have the advanced technology needed to protect you against aggressive pop-ups. Although there are many malicious programs on the market, here are a few against which I wanted to warn you:

  • Adblock Focus: Secretly collects user data without permission.
  • Adblock Pro: Receives business payments to unblock their ads.
  • AdRemover: Has a hidden code that allows it to make changes to your browser.
  • Ads Blocker: Contains a malware type that sends you ads.
  • UBlock: Changes your cookies so that developers take advantage of your Internet traffic when you visit certain sites.

The Basiques: Why the Public Software is Dangerous and 5 Faons of Blocking

We call advertising software-or adware-any type of software that broadcasts ads on the Internet and collects information about you. In addition to covering your screen, advertisements can be dangerous and negatively affect the performance of your device. Keep in mind that advertisements:

  • Can expose your personal data By installing cookies, tags or fingerprint technology on your device without your permission. This allows third parties to collect and sell your personal information and browsing history.
  • Put your safety at risk Infecting your computer with malware.
  • Slow your internet connection and consume data Even if you did not ask to see them.

5 Types of Pubs Blockers

Please understand me: all the options in this article will help you remove the ads. Yet, after more than six years in cybersecurity, I am convinced That using a VPN with a pub blocker is the best way to protect you from advertising software, hackers and other threats . Whichever option you choose, make sure you understand the protection it will provide and its limitations:

  • VPN with pub blocker: Blocks ads, malware and cyber attacks on any browser and most devices. VPNs provide you with additional security That other types of software do not offer (like privacy features to erase all traces of your web browsing).
  • Browsers with an embedded pubs blocker: Blocks some ads, but some may go through.
  • Browser blocking extension for browser: Effective to block ads on a particular browser, but do not protect you on applications or other browsers.
  • Stand-alone pubs blocker: Blocks ads on web browsers and other applications, but does not encrypt and protect your information (as opposed to what a VPN does).
  • Blocking ads on your router: Gives a complete block at a network level, but it is complicated and time-bound to configure.

Pubs Bloker FAQ

🤓 How do I install a pub blocker?

There are small differences in the installation instructions for each of the Top 10 ads in this list . To install the best pubs blocker in a few minutes, follow this guide:

  1. Subscribe to a pub blocker . You can Try Surfshark’s CleanWeb Because it has the best capabilities to block ads and also provides encryption to secure your data.
  2. Log in to a server . Make sure to activate the pubs blocking feature in the settings.
  3. Start surfing the Internet without advertising!

🤔 What characteristics do I need to search for a secure advertising blocker?

Here is the list of criteria I used in testing to create this list of the top 10 advertising blockers:

  • Parvient to block a wide range of ads: I tested these programs on sites such as Daily Mail, Forbes, Lifehacker, YouTube, Twitch and Crunchyroll to see if they could block banner ads, pop-ups, wallpapers, and video ads.
  • Compatible Plug-ins and Extensions To protect multiple browsers and devices.
  • Easy to use With simple configuration steps.
  • Recently Updated To detect the latest adware.
  • Completely free and offers a trial period .

Be very careful when you download advertising blockers-I discovered that Many programs (mostly free) install malware on your device or sell your data to advertisers . I tested in detail The top 10 advertising blockers in this list So you don’t have to risk the security of your device to find a program that works. They are all safe, effectively suppress various advertisements and prevent you from accessing websites containing malicious software.

Among all available types or programs, advertising blockers embedded in a VPN (such as Surfshark and NordVPN) are the safest option in the market. Indeed, they protect you with additional features such as encryption and masking the IP address to prevent third parties from spying on your online activity. Software that only blocks ads does not provide such security.

😄 What is the best pubs blocker for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge?

All Top 10 ad blockers on this list Works with most of these browsers. However, The 1st pub blocker (Surfshark CleanWeb) works with all It is even compatible with different operating systems, including Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS.

While some advertising blockers must be downloaded as an extension of the browser, CleanWeb is installed as a stand-alone program because it is a VPN with an embedded advertisement blocker. This means that once it is activated, you can open any web browser and surf the web without being distracted by the ads. You can even Try it free for 30 days By taking advantage of their refund guarantee.

🤩 What is the best pubs blocker for YouTube, Twitch and Crunchyroll?

Of all the ad blockers I’ve tested, I found that AdBlock was the most effective to block streaming ads On YouTube, Twitch and Crunchyroll. It also works very well to block all kinds of pop-ups and banners when I tested it on sites like Daily Mail and Lifehacker.

Delete the annoying ads with an ads blocker today!

You don’t have to suffer the annoying online ads that slow your surfing on the web. All of the top ten advertising blockers mentioned in this article can reliably suppress ads Moreover, they are all high quality services that also protect you against the trackers and malicious websites.

If you find it difficult to choose the service that suits you best, My tests showed that CleanWeb of Surfshark is the best advertising blocker available It hides a wide variety of ads, works with any web browser and offers additional security features that other programs do not offer. You can even Try it free for 30 days With its refund guarantee. I was reimbursed in only 4 days after having spoken to the customer service staff.

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