The 6 alternatives to Torrent9

The 6 alternatives to Torrent9 that are still valid in 2021

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When Hadopi succeeds in closing, even temporarily, a mastodon as Torrent9 the Francophone leader of peer to peer, followers of downloading files in P2P need to be able to count on reliable alternatives. Torrent but also streaming or DDL, here is how to keep watching your favorite movies and series without any fear of the authorities.

  1. Downloading-download
  2. Yggtorrent
  3. Extreme Download
  4. VF Liberty
  5. Emule-Island
  6. Google

First of all, remember that the download of Torrents is illegal in France and very supervised by Hadopi. And whatever is said to you, the streaming and the DDL of content protected by copyright are also illegal even if they are-for the moment-less repressed. If you are spotted by Hadopi, you may have serious problems.

This is why it is necessary (or even mandatory) to use a VPN When you download or when you watch videos streaming. A VPN will ensure anonymity and online security However, not all VPNs are necessarily adapted to torrents, and that is why we have tested them for you, and we can officially you Say that the best VPN for Torrent is NordVPN .

It even provides servers dedicated to the Torrents! In addition, you have 30 days to give you an idea of the service, and be reimbursed if it does not satisfy you.

Once equipped with a good VPN you can explore in complete peace the French alternatives to Torrent 9 for P2P, streaming and DDL.

Alternatives to Torrent9 for Francophones

Films, series, games, music, ebooks etc., one finds a Wide choice of French-language content or subtitles in French At the following sites:

1. Downloading-download

It’s not peer to peer but it’s DDL and it ‘s The new name of the French-language mastodonte Zone-download .

Having experienced significant piracy in the last months of 2018, the party took the opportunity to change radically by changing its name and address:

There is a nice choice of movies, series, games, manga, TV shows in VF or VOST. To avoid copying, you must check the address bar to see the domain name of the site you are on.

2. Yggtorrent

Amalgamation of Yggtorrent and T411, the current yggtorrent with 2,200,000 claimed members becomes The new Francophone peer to peer reference .

It even has a presentation video that also serves as a tutorial for beginners!

Registration (free) is mandatory , so be aware of the many clones and the scams: if you are asked for your blue card, flee, this is not the original site.

That said, be always careful, the original sometimes makes advertising redirection to louche or even downright malicious sites (phishing).

In May 2019, blocked by French ISPs, YggTorrent takes a domain name in .ch (Switzerland) But To always have the correct address And keep abreast of the latest developments, the best is Log on to the twitter account @yggtorrent_com .

3. Extreme Download

Since its appearance in the world of the DDL in 2017, Extreme Download also known as ExtremeDown, has been a great success.

Recent French films, movies in VF or in VO captioned, manga, anime, video games, albums, The choice is vast for those who agree to create an account on the site.

In 2019, Extreme Download was so popular that it created clones, attracted by its popularity. Caution, one of these particularly malevolent clones managed to take the first place on Google , and encourages you to give your banking information.

As Extreme Download often changes domain names, To be made aware of the changes as soon as they occur, subscribe to their Twitter page @Ex_Down .

4. Liberty VF

Liberating the Libertyland site closed in 2018, this site gives l E choice between streaming and direct download Of films and series in VF or VOST but also of Ebooks, audio-books and games (wii, PsP, iPhone and many others). Registration is compulsory, even for former members of Libertyland .

Here as elsewhere, the associated ads are not to be put in all hands. Wait for the children or the boss to leave the room to click.

5. Emule-Island

This site currently based in Russia is originally dedicated to the torrents but has adapted to the trend and Index now links to torrent files, but also to streaming or DDL movies .

By the way, What is the DDL? ? The direct Download DDL or Direct Download is distinguished from P2P because it allows you to download files from the browser without the help of multiple users. So it’s a less ” Collaborative that P2P, and for now would seem less dangerous from the Hadopi point of view. The use of a good VPN remains an essential guarantee.

6. Google

Yes, you have read well. Taking advantage of a legal vacuum, Many Internet users share their video files, whether legal or not, on Google Drive This is apparently a rising trend.

Until further notice (i.e. until Hadopi puts enough pressure on Google to be better monitored), Just type the name of the desired movie followed by the term ” Google drive In your search engine. This will work better with a blockbuster than with an author’s film.

In the search engine results you will quickly find a link to a file hosted on Google Drive. You can then r Either streaming the movie or downloading the file The quality varies of course from excellent to fair, and it is sometimes necessary to search for the right subtitles on other specialized sites.

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