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The Way To Use The Browser: This Is The Way You Know

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If you do n’ t know what Tor-and if you ‘re here, the possibility of it is yes, you do n’ t know-you’ re coming to the right place. The tor is a deposition from The Onion Router , and we will soon explain the meaning of the name. First thing you need to know that Tor is another way. to hide your internet trails , but different at all with the VPN. Both can be worn together, another subject we will discuss.

The First Army was developed by the U.S. Navy with the purpose of protesting the U.S. government communications for the operation of the U.S.-based operations. Now it’s a nirlaba organization that it’s meant to be able to expand and expand the privacy of online privacy. Turn it, the Tor’s network hides your identity by moving your internet traffic through the different Tor server, which is actually another one of the other people’s computer.

The tor is the gates to Deep Web, or the Dark Web, which is actually composed of mayoritas from the internet. The most popular analogy to describe what can be sought by a search machine, compared to what ‘ s in the Deep Web like a puke from the mountains of es; the part of the mountain es under the surface is deep-web. This could be a web-without accidentally signed on a search machine anywhere, or one that accidentally didn’t do that with one or another reason, as in case on Silk Road, the narcoba ‘ s distribution market. It was closed a few years ago, which could not be accessed late a regular web-based web like google.
The charts are also very popular among the journalists, and the activist or working in the country’s territory with the internet dibats. The tor helps overcome the problem of this sensor. This thing is also good for the richness of the richness, like Edward Snowden, who is his informant through Tor.

How’s The Paperwork?

To wear Tor, you have to use the shade and install the Tor, which you will use as a replacement of Chrome, Firefox or whatever you usually wear. Whatever you do on this percepter will be free of spy on the government, the government, and the google ads and other ads. Your data is rounded into encryption packets before the data enters the Tor network. After that, Tor’s commencing parts of the header of the packets of information such as resources, measure, purpose and time, that everything can be worn to know the things about the sender. Next, Tor’s extracing the rest of the information that could be done by the usual internet. In the end, the encryption data was sent directly through a lot of servers (mentioned the server), the masses were encrypted and then recognized the data repeat just enough to find out where originally and to where the next purpose is. An encrypted address layer to be used to anonimitas the data packet that sent through Tor’s network like onion, so are the others. It is a good explanation. It’s a very simple explanation.

What’s The Point?

The biggest weakness and immediately looks clear on Tor is his kinder. Based on the fact when the data is skipped through a lot of relai makes it very hum, especially the audio and video. Need to be known if using The tor does not guarantee you 100% undefeated . Even, a lot of confident Tor includes easy enough to be recorded, because the knot comes out (the last reef before your information reaches the goal) can see your traffic when the sit-out you access does not wear SSL (find HTTPS and not Just HTTP). In addition, the government officials can see when you use Tor, so they can’t see what your middle yen is doing; that means the signs of danger to them.

Using Tor with VPN

The tors and the VPN can be used together one with the other, even if it ‘s a little more complicated: You can run Tor-through-VPN or VPN-through-Tor, and there’ s a big difference between the second order. We’re not going to bring it in too much detail, but I’ll explain some of the difference. But before we do it, you better know that no matter the rules you use, it’s gonna be pretty much your kinder, because the Tor and the VPN are dropping off the Internet’s speed, and combining it all the way it will be. It’s growing up the effect.

In Action-through-VPN , the connection is Your computer > VPN > Tor > internet . The first advantage of this rule is that your ISP won’t find out if you use Tor, even if it is known if you’re using the VPN. In addition, the knot in Tor will not see IP address You, that must be an extra layer of peace. The weakness of this statement is the VPN will know your IP address indeed, and you have no protections against the wicked-out Tor web-knot (the SSL non-SSL web that we ‘ re upside down in the top). Some VPN providers (such as ExpressVPN ! Privatoria and TorVPN offering Tor-via-VPN configuration. It’s nice, too, but it’s not safe if you’re using the Tor, which is the tone of the Tor’s encryption to the end of the line.

In VPN-through-Tor, Relevation Your computer > Tor > VPN > internet . This order, even more secure, expect you to configure your VPN to work with Tor, and there are only 2 services that we know to support this configuration, AirVPN and VPN Can The benefit of this statement is very much. First, the VPN provider is not possible to know your IP address indeed, but see the IP for collectors out Tor. When you plan to get this far, you’d better pay. Bitcoin via Tor, which means the VPN provider Same Don’t know how to identify you, even if this VPN keeps a note. The next profit is protections from the wicked-out Tor of evil, about with the fact that your data is encrypted by the VPN. This also owns the extra effect of the yew whatever blokade on a knot out Tor (sensor) as well as the Tor-through-VPN configuration.

The protode of the consulate mentioned lately for the VPN and Tor is famous with a more successful peace, providing a close-up anonimitas. When you do n’ t use the steps to run the VPN-through-Tor, you can still

How to use Tor

The first thing you have to do to start using Tor is with the shade of the Tor, which is a modification version of Firefox. From here, you can take a precaution with Pacting of packet separation -This will ensure that whoever possesses the enemy out there that might try to give them a dangerous version, will still get the right version.

The next step is by installing Tor ‘ s perp. This persecution is not installed as far as the other normal program automatically installed it and using your desktop as the target. This is because the Tor is an unintegrated portabel lifting with Windows with other normal programs, which means you can run this perp from wherever it is, like a USB drive. When you want to change the location of the installer by clicking & Yes (taking) And pick him up with this road. From here on, the process is the same as the others.

Once the confination is installed, a folder called Action tor will be made Wherever it sets the target. In it, you’ll see Test browser . Click this and you will be given the choice of whether yes or not you want to be connected to the Network Of The Tor, or want more first to arrange a proxy. General, the choice of the process is sufficient. When you use metode VPN-through-Tor or using a proxy, or if you are updated via a monitor network, sensors or battering by whatever way, you should have to arrange manually with a second option. .

Once you’re in the Tor Peramban, make sure you’re already connected by trying to contact an IP address for the classifier like If this is not your original IP address, which means you’re already connected to the right!

If you’re in, you’re a couple of kies we’re suggesting you follow:

  • Don’t visit the web-sitting HTTP But it’s just a sit-down. HTTPS . Tor is just a transter of data traffic and encryption all the traffic in the Tor network. However, this Tor does not recognize data traffic outside of Tor, making you fixed after your data traffic reached a knot out of Tor ‘ cause here is not encrypted. With that policy, you better always use a ujung-to-ujung encryption like SSL or TLS, and visit a sit-on to the HTTPS. Smarter if you consider it to wear HTTP HTTPS .
  • Do n’ t use P2P traffic in Tor . Tor is not up to a pair-to-pair-to-pair (P2P) pair and a big possibility will be bloated by a lot of collectors out. Wearing a P2P traffic on Tor is delayed another user exploration and becomes a threat to your online anonimitas because BitTorrent client sends your IP address to the BitTorrent address and its other online reconsion.
  • Always delete the ki -You can use an additional program like Self-Destructing Cookies To delete automatic probe .
  • Don’t use your original email. -Like being named by a web of the web, wearing your original email when using Tor like “go to the mask, but wear an identifier of the name on your costume.”
  • Don’t use Google -Google has a bad name by assembling the information on the exploration and the search data to use to help contact the list of the current. In exchange, wear a search machine like DuckDuckGo .

Last Consideration of Tor

Personal privacy has become increasingly difficult to be avoided by the government, the order and even Google our beloved has found a much more sophisticated way to sedate and our grooches. The papers, even with the weakness and his own life, is a better step towards the more than the internet world. However, this is just a piece of the whole puzzle, and the actions of the other things should be taken when you really want to protect yourself. You should be careful in deciding how you behave on the internet.

When you really want to protect yourself, consider one of the VPN below to be worn together with the diamban Tor.

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