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Top 5 free VPNs in 2021 (100 % reliable and secure)

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I thought most of the reputable free VPNs work like premium services and provide my online security-but that’s not the case. Many free VPNs are actually involved in malicious practices. Because users do not pay a subscription fee, these companies find other ways to earn money. Some expose you to threats such as financial fraud and identity theft. Others sell your navigation data to third parties or install malicious software on your devices.

It is also frustrating to see that many free VPNs do not work properly. Free services often have strict data limitations and few available server locations. These limitations may result in reduced speeds. I was disappointed when I noticed that some free services do not allow access to other online platforms. In my opinion, if a VPN does not allow me to access my favorite programs or games when I am abroad, it’s a waste of time-even if it’s free.

To help you avoid both dangerous and unnecessary VPNs, I tested dozens of options and set up this list of the best free VPNs I have noticed that the first free service is also one of the most famous VPNs in the market-ExpressVPN. You can Try all the premium features of ExpressVPN for 30 days free of charge , which is perfect if you only need a VPN for a few days. For me, it was the best way to use a premium VPN during my vacation. If you need a more sustainable solution, Consult my quick guide to the best free VPNs To choose a reliable option in less than a minute.

Quick Guide: The best free and reliable VPNs in France – (Updated: March 2021)

  1. ExpressVPN : VPN n ° 1 for fast and unlimited streaming and advanced security features-free for 30 days!
  2. Hotspot Shield : 15 GB of free data per month, but lots of ads.
  3. Tunnelbear : Servers in more than 23 countries, including France, but only 500 MB of data per month.
  4. : Free, secure and without advertising, but it allows only one connection per account.
  5. Windscribe : Download torrents supported & 10 GB of data per month, but cannot unlock Netflix.

How to choose the best free VPNs in France

Although there is no perfect free VPNs, I checked whether all major suppliers had high security, speeds and performance. When evaluating a VPN, you can use this list of important criteria to choose the best option for your needs:

  • Advanced Encryption -Make sure that the VPN you choose has at least an AES-256 bit encryption to protect you from hackers, the surveillance of authorities and other prying eyes.
  • Recognized ability to circumvent geographic restrictions -Before downloading a VPN, it is important to know whether you want to watch Netflix or other streaming services. Indeed, All VPNs cannot circumvent geographic restrictions imposed by platforms such as Netflix -only the best services such as ExpressVPN can do.
  • Strict data privacy policies -Many free VPNs monitor and market user data. This is why it is important that you find a service that will keep your personal information safe from advertisers and other prying eyes.
  • Reliable connections -VPNs can slow down your connection speed. Even if it does not have many server options, make sure your VPN offers fast speeds to allow you to access the services you want.

Top 5 free operational VPN services in France in 2021

1. ExpressVPN: unlimited data, fast streaming, secure and FREE for 30 days


  • Military-quality encryption with a policy Zero log
  • A global network of more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries
  • Unlimited data for streaming, torso and quality gaming
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Smart TV, routers, etc.
  • Unlock Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video


  • Free for 30 days only

ExpressVPN is not normally free, so you may wonder why I class it as VPN #1. The reason is that ExpressVPN gives you unlimited access to all its premium features free of charge for 30 days (unlike other free VPNs that offer all functionality only if you switch to a premium version). It is therefore ideal if you are travelling abroad or just want to watch a Netflix series not available in your country.

You only need yourself Subscribe and benefit from the 30-day repayment guarantee Without risk and Without asking questions I even tested it myself to see if it really works. I used ExpressVPN for 3 weeks, then I requested a refund to the customer service via Live Chat 24/7. I saw how easy it was to get a refund! Other VPNs that I tried have caused me to waste my time trying to solve potential problems or convince me to extend my subscription, but ExpressVPN processed my refund request immediately. I got my money back after five days.

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN, but you can use it for free for 30 days

This makes ExpressVPN difficult to compete in the marketplace. During my tests , I have connected to more than 50 servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and elsewhere. I was impressed by the connection speed of this VPN, which reached 48.5 Mbps! I had no problem with the loading of the pages, the video playback. No latency is recorded during the gaming process.

ExpressVPN unlocks restricted content , including Geographic restrictions imposed by Netflix In France. I took advantage of uninterrupted streaming with a steady stream, never less than 25 Mbps. ExpressVPN is also one of the few VPN capable of Circumvent The Great Firewall of China This is an excellent free solution if you want to travel and spend a short stay.

I looked ” Grace and Frankie ” On Netflix US in France

Another strong point is the premium encryption protocols of ExpressVPN. The VPN uses the TrustedServer technology based on RAM. So its servers do not back up any personal information of its users. All your data and online activity remain anonymous and secure.

March 2021-Update: ExpressVPN has reduced its prices for a limited time at an exceptional price of $6.67 per month + get an additional 3 months free with a one-year subscription! This is a limited offer, so do it quickly before it disappears! For more information about this offering, click here .

2. Hotspot Shield: 15 GB of data per month available for streaming and safe navigation


  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • 500 MB of data available per day
  • High and constant velocities
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Smart TV, routers, etc.
  • Technical support available to all users


  • Lots of pubs
  • Netflix cannot be unblocked with free version

With a limit of 500 MB of data per day, Hotspot Shield has the most generous free data offer You can enjoy about 15 hours of SD streaming per month.

During my testing, I was impressed with the download speeds of Hotspot Shield. With its Catapult Hydra protocol, this VPN states that it offers ” Unmatched speed and performance, ” although it has only one connection to a US server for free users. The speed test I carried out in France indicated a value of 27.5 Mbps, It is more than enough for uninterrupted streaming and games .

That said, I found a lot of annoying ads watching Netflix and during my games-which was very frustrating. The free version may not cost you anything, but you will pay it with interruptions in your streaming/game activity.

Free VPN Hotspot Shield speeds are high enough to take advantage of the UHD streaming, but it reduces your bandwidth

You should know that, despite these high speeds, You will not be able to access Netflix This option is reserved for premium users.

You can’t access Netflix with the free version of Hotspot Shield

If security is your primary concern, The free version of Hotspot Shield contains everything you need to surf safely on the web This VPN has a military quality AES-256 bit encryption to preserve your privacy online and to protect your data. Hotspot Shield also does not register logs and has the functionality Kill Switch For more security. If you need a VPN to bypass a firewall or browse anonymously on the web in France, this VPN is an excellent choice.

3. TunnelBear: Connecting to servers in 23 countries, including France


  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Access to servers in 23 countries, including France
  • Security features built into the free offering
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.
  • No advertising


  • Only 500 MB of data per month
  • No streaming

Tunnelbear offers you a wide range of server choices for a free VPN. With availability in 20 different countries, including France and a friendly interface, you can choose a server with a single click.

Unfortunately, 500 MB of data per month will not allow you anything other than daily navigation . I looked at my emails, listened to Spotify and did a speed test-that’s just less than half of my free monthly data. You can earn 1 GB of additional data by sharing the service on Twitter, but it is a non-renewable offering.

Tunnelbear has proper download speeds, but your data will be quickly exhausted

Property of the security giant McAfee, TunnelBear will not disappoint you in terms of security and privacy online. This VPN uses AES-256 bit encryption And the company does not register logs in order to preserve the confidentiality of your activity. TunnelBear conducts independent annual security audits to ensure the optimal protection of your data.

4. Browsing without advertising & Free


  • Military Quality Encryption
  • Downloading torrents on non-US servers
  • 24-hour customer service and 7j/7
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, routers, etc.


  • 10 GB of data per month
  • One device connected by account

The free offer of gives you the possibility to renew your free subscription every month. This VPN is mostly free for life! It has some limitations-10 GB of data per month, 1 connected device only, and 5 server slots. But free users can also take advantage of the advanced encryption of the VPN, its policy of non-preservation of logs, protection against IP leaks and navigation without advertising to guarantee their security.

I tested the 5 server slots (Canada, Singapore, Netherlands and 2 in the United States) And none of them could unlock Netflix Or access other streaming sites from France. A speed test at my fastest server location showed that is fast enough for HD streaming-but the free data will not allow you to enjoy HD streaming for a long time.

The ” Better server ” Of is still quite effective for HD streaming in France

Although I do not recommend for streaming, downloading torrents or games , this VPN remains an excellent option to ensure the security of your data when you surf the Internet.

5. Windscribe: Downloading supported torrents & 10 GB of data per month


  • Military Quality Encryption
  • 10 GB of data per month
  • Integrated advertising blocker
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Nvidia Shield, routers, etc.
  • Downloading torrents supported


  • No direct customer support
  • Netflix and other services are available only for premium users

Windscribe provides 10 GB of free data to users Months and offers access to servers in more than 10 countries, including France. If you are a big fan of the download, 10 GB may seem small, but I found it was enough to download more than 7 movies in full.

Windscribe to download a film in less than 5 minutes in France

While the contents of Netflix and Hulu are reserved for premium users of Windscribe, I discovered that access to BBC IPlayer was possible using a free UK server. So if you want to watch Peaky Blinders in France, you can still do it for free.

The British server of Windscribe makes it easy to look at BBC content in France

Windscribe also attaches great importance to security, with a well-defined privacy policy, advertising blockers, and a policy of non-preservation of logs. These features, in addition to its free data available to users, make this free VPN an excellent option for downloading torrents and occasional streaming.

Visit Windscribe

Free VPN vs Pay VPN: Hidden Costs to Consider

There are two types of free VPN that you need to know: unlimited free VPNs and freemium VPNs.

As its name implies, Free unlimited VPN gives you unlimited access to the proposed service. And although it may seem very tempting, These services earn money by registering and marketing your personal data A large number of free VPNs also contain malware, viruses and other malware developed to obtain information about you in order to benefit from it. These must be avoided.

A Freemium VPN is like a sample of a premium service. VPN services will be limited (by data constraints, reduced speeds, or a small number of servers) in order to encourage you to choose a premium subscription. These VPN services do not market your data. Paid clients subsidize the free access of other users with subscription fees to the various VPN services.

Why pay for a premium VPN if there are free and secure options?

There are free VPNs that do not pose a risk to users-but secure options are always limited. Whether the data or the number of servers you can use, free and secure VPNs are designed to encourage you to move towards a premium VPN. These are legal and reliable services, but little practical. The only way to get rid of these disadvantages is to switch to a premium version. Thus, you can enjoy streaming, download torrents and navigate as much as you want while preserving the security of your data.

Remember: Paid VPNs do not sell your personal information to third parties

Paid VPN prices can vary considerably and premium services offer a wide variety of security features -Kill Switch, a multiple connection, a strict log retention policy and a 24/7 customer service. Paid VPNs can offer you all these benefits because of the revenue they generate through subscription fees. They do not need to sell your information, which guarantees your security and the confidentiality of your data.

Comparison of Best Free VPNs

Regardless of the free VPN you choose, you will have to deal with annoying data limitations. If you want unlimited data and you only need a VPN for a short time, I suggest you choose ExpressVPN. It is a paid VPN-but you can take advantage of the refund guarantee and use it for free for 30 days (without limiting bandwidth or data).

Avoid these free VPNs for your data security

According to a recent study (CSRIO), 75 % of free VPNs that claim to protect the privacy of users have at least one tracking library. In my own research and testing, I discovered some shocking data on several VPN services that I have to warn you about.

Betternet VPN

With more than 5 million facilities to date, studies on Betternet have shown that it has one of the highest levels of malware infection among free VPNs. A test performed by VirusTotal assigned it a value of 13, which means that it Has been tested positive for malware on 13 different antivirus programs .

In addition, the CSIRO study revealed that Betternet had 14 tracking libraries in its installation program This means that Betternet presents itself as a privacy advocate on the Internet, but registers a large amount of data on users. This data includes general location information (based on the IP address), device-specific information, and domain name records that you visit when you are logged in.

VPN Cross

In the CSIRO study, Cross VPN ranks fifth most dangerous VPN services in terms of data mining It has been reported by VirusTotal as containing potential viruses such as Trojan horses with a value of 11.


Hola VPN has set up a network of P2P servers instead of using universal servers, which, in theory, would bypass firewalls, preserve user privacy, and hide IP address.

In fact, Hola VPN is known to pass data from users through other nodes associated with other users , thereby betraying its promise to preserve confidentiality and anonymity. Worse still, Hola VPN allows premium members to use the bandwidth of free users The free users will be given the data of premium users on Hola servers. They are therefore subject to investigations, as any online activity would be recorded on the basis of their IP addresses.

Answers: Free VPN FAQ in France

😅 Are free VPNs really reliable and secure?

The free VPNs I recommended to you are secure . They have been tested and thoroughly researched to ensure the security of your data during your connection. But the same cannot be said of all free VPNs, some of which have questionable privacy policies Or are associated with countries such as China.

Some of the most downloaded free VPNs, such as Snap VPN (more than 10 million downloads) and X-VPN (more than 5.5 million downloads) are owned by Chinese companies. This means that these VPNs could lead to the recording of your personal information, tracking and sharing of your data with third parties.

By using one of the free VPNs that I recommend to you, you can be sure that your data is secure and that your online activity is anonymous every time you log in.

🤑 How do free VPNs earn money?

The most common way in which free VPNs make money is advertising. This means that when you log in, you see pop-ups that match other products and services. It may seem boring to you, but there is a bigger problem: where there are adware, there are tracking programs. Trackers monitor the activity of Internet users to better target them by advertisers, making your VPN connection less anonymous.

Free VPNs sometimes market your data to advertisers. They record the data of the sites you visit, your IP address, and the data about your connection. This is a huge violation of your privacy and can compromise your security, according to the data recorded and marketed.

Sometimes a free VPN can sell your data to the best buyers-and that means your information could end up in the hands of cybercriminals. It is not common, but you must be aware of the potential risks when you plan to use free VPN services.

🤩 Can I watch Netflix with free VPNs in France?

Don’t waste your time on free VPNs. I tested all the best free VPNs And none of these services will unblock Netflix for you. Netflix is exceptionally hard to unblock, and it costs VPN providers a lot of money. If you find a free VPN offering to give you access to Netflix, Be sure you will pay your access otherwise !

Hola is an obvious example! This is one of the worst VPN services you should avoid at all costs! It is free, but it does not offer any security or privacy features. Hola is even known to sell the personal data and bandwidth of its users to the highest bidder. If you want to connect to Netflix safely and enjoy streaming in HD-don’t use a free service.

Fortunately, The best VPN that unlocks Netflix all have a 30-day refund guarantee (as NordVPN , ExpressVPN And Surfshark ) , so you can use them for free. CyberGhost Has an even longer repayment guarantee that gives you the possibility to try it for 45 days without any risk. This is an ideal time to watch a foreign series or to watch your favorite programs during your stay abroad.

I watched Netflix US for free thanks to the 30-day refund guarantee from NordVPN

🤓 Are free VPNs operational in China?

In short, the answer is yes. Some Free VPN can give you access to blocked websites in China , but you must be extremely careful when using them. The People’s Republic of China has strict laws on Internet access and if you access blocked content, the consequences will be serious.

I tested dozens of VPNs and some of the best suppliers like NordVPN and CyberGhost are not operational there. While some free VPNs provide users with unrestricted Internet access in China, they may have some privacy and security concerns. This means that the Chinese government can still be able to track your history on the Internet and punish you for breaking the laws in force.

I do not recommend the use of a free VPN in China. ExpressVPN is An excellent solution -and you can use it free of charge with its 30-day refund guarantee.

😇 Is a VPN legal?

The use of a VPN is legal in most countries of the world To hide, for example, Your IP address and protect your data . In some countries where Internet access regulations are strict, such as China and Russia, the use of VPNs not approved by the authorities is limited or prohibited. This is due to the fact that VPNs are not required by law to transmit user data to government authorities.

The use of a VPN to conduct illegal activities, such as downloading and distributing copyrighted content, hacking, cyberbullying, and access to dark web to buy and sell prohibited items, is Illegal.

😎 Can free VPNs unlock popular streaming platforms such as Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or Popcorn Time in France?

Most free VPNs do not release popular streaming sites , but some work with BBC iPlayer And Hulu The reason is that free VPNs have a less powerful technology and cannot bypass the security system put in place by these platforms to prevent users from accessing them from other countries.

Disney + uses strict anti-VPN technology. Most VPN providers do not allow you to access the platform. I recommend you Try ExpressVPN to watch Disney + for free For 30 days.

A service like Popcorn Time , which allows you to share files without having to save your data, allows to bypass the imposed geographical restrictions. But with P2P file sharing, additional precautions must be taken to preserve the anonymity of your information. The free VPNs I recommend are equipped with military quality encryption to protect your data-but Limited bandwidth will not allow you to enjoy streaming as much as you like For streaming and downloading of torrents without restriction, it is preferable to use a premium VPN.

🙂 On which devices do free VPNs work?

Free VPNs are compatible with various devices Although offers are often more limited than those of premium versions. To find out which VPNs are free that are compatible with your device, see the following references:

  • IPhones and iPads
  • Android Devices
  • Windows PC
  • Mac computers

Use this trick to get a free premium VPN in France

If you want to use a VPN for a short period of time, you must take advantage of the reimbursement guarantees offered by the premium VPN services Whether you are taking a holiday abroad or want to let you know about your favorite TV programs, a premium VPN will offer you protection and confidentiality for at least 30 days-free of charge!

NordVPN : Thousands of secure servers in 59 countries including France

NordVPN is the premium VPN whose network has thousands of high speed servers. This means that you will always have reliable connections anywhere in the world, without the servers slowing down due to the high number of users. All of its servers are equipped with military quality encryption. So none of your online activities is visible-which is perfect for connecting to a public WiFi network.

NordVPN is also an excellent solution for streaming fans. This is the best VPN I tested to unlock Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, Kodi, and many other services, giving you access to a wide variety of TV programs and movies.

You can subscribe and Try NordVPN for free for 30 days Thanks to his guarantee of repayment. I wanted to be sure it really works, so I tested it myself for a few weeks. When I contacted the customer service via Live Chat 24/7 to request a refund, the request was approved in 5 minutes and I was able to get my money back after 4 days!

March 2021-Update: For a limited time only! Save 68 % with the 2-year subscription + win 3 extra months free! Hurry up and view this offer here !

CyberGhost : Optimized servers for streaming and fast downloading torrents

CyberGhost is a secure VPN with a large network of servers for a reliable connection at any time. It uses advanced encryption to protect your privacy and does not register login logs.

I particularly like its servers dedicated to torpedo and streaming. Each server is optimized for high speeds and optimal security-just click on the server of your choice to connect. It is also worth noting that you can use CyberGhost on 7 devices simultaneously, which makes it an economic solution to share a subscription with your loved ones or simply protect all your devices.

You can Try CyberGhost for 45 days Thanks to his guarantee of repayment. I tested this policy for a month, then contacted the customer service via Live Chat, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. An advisor quickly approved my request in a matter of minutes, and the money was paid back to my account after a week.

March 2021-Update: CyberGhost has reduced its prices for a limited time at an exceptional price of $2.25 per month + get 3 additional months free with a 3-year subscription (you can save up to 83 %)! This is a limited offer, so do it quickly before it disappears! For more information about this offering, click here .

Choose a VPN that will not compromise your security

The market is flooded with free VPN, but many of them present serious risks to you and your data. Low speeds, bandwidth limitations, and connection restrictions are annoying-the fact that your data is stored and marketed to generate revenue compromises the security of your data.

The free VPNs that I recommend can present some constraints in terms of connections and bandwidth, but they protect all your data. Would you like to have all the security features without exception? Try ExpressVPN for 30 days without risk In France and benefit from a full refund, without asking any questions, if you are not totally satisfied.

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