What's a VPN? How Do A VPN Work?

What’s a VPN? How Do A VPN Work? Guide for Newbie (2021)

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An abbreviation of the Virtual Private Network, VPN creates a secure connection between you and the internet world . VPN gives you an extra layer of privacy and extra anonymity so you can:

  • Hide your internet activities and locations to be untraceable (in particular in the public WiFi network)
  • Tackle online censorship and explore the internet freely
  • Perform torrent safely and anonymously without speed restrictions
  • Unblock streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney +, and so on

It may sound ribet, but of course you do n’ t need to be an expert in technical terms to be able to use a VPN. Among the more than 20 VPN I ‘ve already tested, my best option for beginners is NordVPN because it’ s fast, safe, and very easy to use. You can do it. try it without any risk at all 30 days !

In this guide, I will show you how a service such as NordVPN is actually running its function. Plus, I ‘ll be handing out tips and tricks to get the best results from your VPN-even though you’ re a novice in the real sense.

Video 1-Minutes: What is a VPN and How does it work?

A VPN is an important tool or tool of security to protect your online privacy. Without an online VPN, your internet activity can be easily inflamed and viewed by others. This includes the following: ():

Even worse, everything can be traced to your device through your Internet Protocol (IP) address. Your IP address reveals your physical location and can be used to track you in real life. It’s a postcard sending a postcard-anyone can read a written message and see your name and address.

However, when you are connected to an online VPN, your internet activity is encrypted and your IP address is actually hidden No one can see who you are or anything you do, as well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), governments, or hackers.

Instead of using postcards, you now send a very secure private message that can only be read by the intended recipient. No names or addresses of sender. If anyone else tries to peek, they can only see a bunch of encrypted random information.

This is how the VPN encrypts your internet connection to maximize your online privacy

What does the VPN hide?

Using a VPN hides your original IP address and encrypts your internet connection. But what exactly is it in real life?

  • Your tracking history is private. -VPN hiding your search history and browsing from your Internet Service Provider (ISPs). The only thing your ISP can see is your encrypted traffic that passes to the VPN server.
  • You can change your online location -Your IP address is notified of your physical location. With a VPN, you could connect to servers in other countries and access local content (such as Netflix US, online news, and torrent sites).
  • Your Internet activity is anonymous -VPN without log making sure no party knows what you ‘ re doing on the web. It is ideal for the social networking of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and torrenting networks.

VPN Overload: Benefits Using VPN

Now you have an idea of what a VPN is doing and how it works, let ‘ s see how a VPN can help you!

Opening up Blokiran Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Hulu, and Other Global Content

If you are in a country where certain content is not available, you still want to be able to watch your favorite shows instead? Some countries block platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube. That means you ‘ ll face one annoying mistake message one after the other when you try to access it.

But … VPN can help you get past the geographic block and watching anything you like from anywhere in the world . Some services (such as Netflix) have realized this and developed sophisticated software to detect a VPN to block access. All you need is selecting a VPN that can outsmart this VPN .

Playing A Game That’s Been In The Territory From Anywhere.

Have you ever wanted to play an online game but it turns out that the game is blocked in Indonesia? You are not alone-this frustrating problem is faced by many gamers around the world. But with a VPN, you can change location and location play any game you like from wherever you are In this world.

Secure Torrenting

Torrenting could be at risk because you ca n’ t always be sure what ‘ s in the files you download. Worse, you risk getting into trouble with the authorities if you do torrenting something that you should n’ t do.

The VPN can protect you by hiding your identity. The VPN will also prevent your ISP from paying attention to what you ‘ re doing and limiting your bandwidth (bandwidth) bandwidth. Some VPN services, such as NordVPN and CyberGhost, even have a special torrenting server and additional features to protect you from the malicious program (malware).

Privacy and Anonymity Online

Have you sent the bank details to a friend online? Do you often use a common Wi-Fi network? If so, you might let the door open wide for the hackers, especially if you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

A good VPN will be using the most advanced encryption to secure your data It will also make sure that web site that handles data you ca n’ t see from where it came from , making you as anonymous as possible.

Avoiding Censorship.

Dozens. countries around the world censor content because it is not aligned with their political or religious beliefs. If you are planning to travel to a country that is very censored internet (like China), You’re going to need VPN to help you overcome existing restrictions . Without it, simple tasks like Googling or updating your status on Facebook are practically impossible to do. VPN helps you open the blocking of these sites, and also keep your data safe from all distractions .

In addition, you can also use a VPN to pass the usual firewalls (firewalls) found in office networks or schools.

Increase your speed and internet connection

There are times, Your ISP may intentionally slow down your Internet connection . Why? It may be because it detecdates that you are doing torrenting, or because you have exceeded a certain data limit. Some ISPs even use this strategy to try to make you improve (upgdate) your connection. This practice is known as “throttling.”

But … with a VPN, your activities remain private, and even your ISP can’t see it. That means your ISP ca n’ t limit your bandwidth (bandwidth) , so you might actually see an increase in speed.

Save Money

Sometimes, a VPN can really save you money. How? Well, many e-niaga platforms show different prices to users based on their location-so connecting to peladen in other countries can show cheaper prices. For example, if ordering a flight from the US to the UK seems to be too expensive, you might find a cheaper deal with a connection to the Indian peladen.

It ‘s great to remember if you’ re often traveling or vacationing. With a VPN, you can save a large amount of money from the cost of flight, car rental, accommodation, and other online purchases.

VPN Shorts: Losses Using VPN

  • They might slow down your connection a little bit. Your data must be encrypted and rerouted via a VPN server, which may be far from your actual location. It must slow everything down, but you can significantly reduce this speed by selecting ultra fast service like ExpressVPN .
  • Some sites block a VPN. Certain sites (like Netflix) are already very good at detecting when you use a VPN and block you. However, the best VPN that was on the market quickly replaced the blocked servers, making it difficult for these sites to follow suit.
  • The best ones need a fee. Free VPN is indeed there, but it tends to have limited security features and risks.
  • Your provider may record your data. Because of your data through the servers of VPN providers, there is always a risk they can keep it. To minimize this risk, make sure your provider has a no-log policy, and check whether the provider is not based in a country where it is mandatory sharing data with the authorities. Always read the privacy policy to see how your data will be handled.
  • VPN is illegal in some countries. You could be at risk of getting into trouble with the authorities if you use a VPN in a country where it is illegal to do so. These countries include China, Turkey, and Iraq.
  • You will share the IP address with the other person. There are several VPN users connected to each server, so your IP address will appear to be the same as anyone else. This can be a problem if someone behaves unappropriate while using a VPN, as it can cause the IP address to be blacklisted by certain sites. Effectively, you can be punished for the bad behavior of others. You can avoid this by selecting a VPN that offers a special IP address.
  • is not available for all devices. It may be difficult to find applications for older devices or that use a more obscure operating system.

Things To Be Noticed When Choosing A VPN

If you ‘ re thinking of subscribing to a VPN, there are a few things you need to notice:

  • High speed.
  • Strong encryption and high quality security protocols
  • Trusted privacy policy
  • Ability to access global content
  • Compatibility of many devices and cross platforms
  • Exceptional user experience
  • Reliable customer support
  • Value the value

High speed.

Using a VPN can slow your connection, because your data is being encrypted and redirected through other servers. On some VPN, the difference is almost invisible, whereas on a number of other VPN can lead to a fairly significant slowdown. Your VPN wo n’ t be much useful if it slows your connection speed up to the creeping level, so be sure You choose a service with an unlimited bandwidth and a lot of fast servers .

Strong encryption and high quality security protocols

One of the main reasons for using a VPN is to make your connection as safe as possible, so do n’ t skit when it comes to security. Search services with 256-bit AES encryption -industry standard- and very secure protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2.

Trusted privacy policy

It’s important to selecting the provider with strict non-log policy . If not, the company stores your data and potentially shared it with a third party like the government. Make sure the provider is also based outside alliance 5/9/14 Eyes (this is a group of countries that share surveillance data). If you ‘ re not sure where the provider is, read its privacy policy.

Ability to access global content

The main advantage of the VPN is they allow you to pass through sensors and geographic restrictions. But not all VPN is made the same in this regard. If you want using a VPN to access certain sites such as Netflix , or use it to open a particular country ‘ s firewall (firewall), do research and make sure the provider supports it before you buy. You can also use free trials and return money guarantees to test the VPN.

Compatibility of many devices and cross platforms

You want all of your devices protected, so Look. provider that allows multiple simultaneous connections . And remember to check if the VPN is also compatible with all of your devices.

Exceptional user experience

Do n’ t waste money for a slow, unreliable service, or have an awkward user interface. Do some research and make sure the provider gets a high score before performing. Read review is the best way to do this.

Reliable customer support

In the event of an error, you must be sure that it will be resolved quickly. Find a provider with live chat support available 24/7 , as well as email support. So a bonus if you can call when there ‘ s a problem.

Value the value

When you pay the service, you have to be sure that you get your money value. That does n’ t mean choosing the cheapest option available. In exchange, Search s services with all of the features mentioned above at a reasonable price .

Note: All this information may seem excessive, but do not panic! I have tested and reviewed all major VPN providers such as NordVPN -… ExpressVPN And … Surfshark , to help you make a decision.

How To Choose A Good VPN

So how do you choose the best VPN? Well, it depends on what you need for a VPN. Take a look at the scenario below and see which one is best suited to what you ‘re looking for, and I’ ll share the kiat to find the best VPN for it:

  • To Open The Global Content Blot
  • For Privacy and Anonymity (In particular on the General Network)
  • To Perform Torrenting Safely
  • To Get Past The Censorship.

If you want to know if a VPN has a specific feature (such as Breaker key (kill switch. or an application for your smart TV), check out the provider ‘ s website. There is usually a section that lists all the features, and the other part lists all available applications.

To Open The Global Content Blot

The VPN allows you to change your virtual location as well as access to content that is not available in your country. These include restricted sites such as Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. Make sure you download the VPN with:

  • Ability to unblock global content -Not all VPN is able to unblock apps and web sites that are restricted. Netflix is very difficult to access by VPN. So, make sure you looking for a proven VPN can be used for Netflix .
  • High speed. -You need at least 5 Mbps for HD quality and 25 Mbps for Ultra HD quality. Lower than 5 Mbps will result in buffering and lag.
  • Global server network -Use a VPN that has a server in all the locations you want. For example, you need a VPN with a server in the United States if you want to watch Netflix US, Hulu, or HBO Max.
  • Special application for various devices -Check if provided a special app for all of your streaming devices, whether it ‘ s a laptop, smart TV, or Amazon Fire Stick.
NordVPN includes one among the few VPN ‘ s that easily unblock Netflix worldwide
The best way to find out if the best VPN for you is by trying it out. You can VPN register for a free trial to test a VPN and see if he has the features you want, and how well they work. Reviews are a good thing-but no one beats testing its own product!

For Privacy and Anonymity (In particular on Public Network)

The well-known public WiFi network is not safe, and it ‘ s always better use a VPN while accessing it to keep your data security. This section is also relevant for you if you want to be as possible to remain anonymous at all times.

  • Ultra-secure encryption: Your VPN must have the encryption AES 256-bit military level, the most secure in the industry. It will keep your information safe from the hackers.
  • Protocol secure: Make sure the VPN has OpenVPN or IKEv2 ready to be ready. This is the strongest protocol available and will ensure your data remains private.
  • DNS leak protection: Sometimes, the problem of software can cause your IP address to be seen even when you are using a VPN. This is not the kind of thing you want when using public networks! So what can you do? Multiple VIPs (e.g. ExpressVPN) has built-in protection that stops this from happening.
  • Features the kill switch: This feature decides your connection from the Internet if the VPN connection fails. This is important because making sure your data is never exposed to others in the same network. Not all VPN has a kill switch, so you should be sure to choose a VPN that has it.

To Perform Torrenting Safely

Torrenting can be risky. You could potentially expose your device to an evil program (malware), and can incur problems with the authorities if you download something that should n’ t. A good VPN will protect you from both.

  • Ultra-secure encryption: You need a VPN with a military-grade 256-bit AES encryption if you want your activities to remain as comfortable as possible.
  • Speed: A quick connection is important when performing torrenting, so make sure the provider lists the “infinite bandwidth (bandwidth)” on its website and checks reviews to see how fast the server is.
  • P2P support: Some providers limit your bandwidth (bandwidth) bandwidth if they detect you doing torrenting, so check out their website to see if they support P2P. Other providers, such as NordVPN, are very friendly and even offer special P2P peladen.
  • Protection from malicious program (malware): Certain VPN offers additional features that protect you from malicious programs (malware), such as CyberSec of NordVPN and the CleanWeb of Surfshark.
  • Protocol secure: As at the top, make sure the VPN uses OpenVPN or IKEv2. That way, no one else knows what you torrenting.
  • Features the kill switch: This feature disconnects your connection from the Internet if the VPN connection fails, so your activity has never been exposed. If you’re worried about getting into trouble with the authorities, it’s a necessity.
NordVPN is one of the best VPN for torrenting, which is equipped with thousands of optimal P2P servers

To Get Past The Censorship.

VPN can help you get past censorship in the workplace, at university, or even in countries where Internet access is severely restricted. Using a VPN is illegal in some countries, so be wary of the existing risks and do n’ t compromise on security.

  • Ultra-secure encryption: Your VPN must have a military-level AES 256-bit encryption. It ‘s very important if you’ re in a country where a VPN is illegal, because you certainly do n’ t want to
  • The ability to pass through censorship: Most of the services should not have difficulty passing Internet constraints in your workplace, but Tackle Great Firewall of China Could be a different matter. If you ‘re planning to travel to a country that applies censorship, choose services like ExpressVPN that’ s proven to be working there.
  • Protocol secure: Make sure the VPN uses OpenVPN or IKEv2. Again, this is most relevant in countries where you can get in trouble for using a VPN.

Quick Guide: 5 Best VPN for Beginners

  1. NordVPN -No. 1 because its installer is easy and there ‘ s a quick connection feature that allows you to connect automatically to the best among thousands of servers in a matter of seconds.
  2. ExpressVPN -Strengthen a consistent fast performance and be known for its ability as a blocking, but more expensive than any other service on this list.
  3. Surfshark -Cheap and easy-to-use options, but fewer servers (800 +) than any other VPN in this list.
  4. CyberGhost. -A server that is optimized for streaming, torrenting, and overt, but the speed is a bit slower.
  5. PrivateVPN -It’s a simple one-click setup, but it can’t open a Netflix block.

Free VPN vs. Pay VPN: Do You Need To Issue Money?

To use a VPN, you do n’ t need to issue money at all- It all depends on your online priorities. .

If you want to use it for a few weeks, you can leverage a premium VPN that offers you a refund of money back. For example, you can. register to NordVPN and use it for free for 30 days with the money-guarantee feature back. The process proved easy! After I file a refund through a live chat feature 24/7, in a few days, the money is transferred back to the account.

If not satisfied with NordVPN service, simply submit a refund

For long-term use, please read the best free VPN of 2021 (like the Hotspot Shield or TunnelBear) . You do n’ t have to pay anything in advance-some providers do n’ t even require a user ‘ s email address, but, the downside, the company deliberately limits the speed, width of the ribbon, and the location of the server so that users choose a paid subscription. Whereas, on the bright side, personal data is fully secured by military-level security and strict privacy policies. This option is ideal enough if you only need a VPN for light internet browsing or extra privacy in the public WiFi network.

If you want to watch HD videos, download the torrent, unblock content like Netflix, or break through the government firewall — I recommend the use of premium , to enjoy the high speed, the width of the band is unrestricted, and the server is not dense. You can even save more with this hidden offer and discount !

Warning! Check out first before installing a free VPN.
The free VPN that ‘ s advertised perfectly as if without a gap is usually a fraud. To provide a VPN network is not cheap-and the company needs to make money even though it does not charge any charges to the user. That ‘ s why many free VPN applies bad practices to fund their services, such as sending annoying popup ads spam, cheating users into downloading malware, or even collecting and selling user data.

5 VPN Top Ranking for Beginners (Updated March 2021)

Still confused with which VPN? Here’s my 5 recommendations.

1. NordVPN-The Easiest Used For Beginners And The Serba VPN Could No. 1

NordVPN is a fast and very secure VPN, with thousands of servers around the world to get a reliable connection from anywhere. Thanks to military-grade encryption and policy without these rigorous logging, you can be sure that no your online activity is tracked or observed. As a multimedia world fan, I ‘ m also happy that NordVPN easily became a VPN no. 1 in terms of unblocking various streaming collections from around the world. The bloating service includes Netflix, Prime, HBO, Disney +, and a wide variety of content providers, including smaller local providers that you ca n’ t access from abroad.

It only takes 3 minutes to download and install NordVPN. This VPN interface also makes it easier to use-connect to a server as easily as selecting the location of the map or list. After instating it, there is almost no arrangement that needs to be changed. For months using NordVPN, I’ve never made any adjustments to the settings. You don’t have to believe my writing-you can try NordVPN for free for 30 days With guaranteed money back.

Update March 2021: Get a discount of 68% for a 2-year subscription package + win free subscription extra for 3 months, limited time! Get that VPN promo right up here. !

2. ExpressVPN-Simple VPN with Easy Application Used in What Pun

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service that is renowned for its reliability in breaking through internet restrictions in China. This VPN maintains security, partly because of its disk without its disk (so there is never data stored in it), in addition to a policy without a good record supported by its location in the British Virgin Islands. This VPN is also very fast, and thanks to its vast global network, it wo n’ t be hard to find a reliable server. Because of this highly secure infrastructure, you can also safely do torrent at high speed without worrying that there are people tracking you.

Downloading and installing ExpressVPN only takes 5 minutes , from the initial download to the service. Once entered, you simply click on the connect button to automatically connect to the best server or choose from the list. ExpressVPN will connect in a matter of seconds and immediately give you protection and anonymity! Since ExpressVPN premium services are present at a more premium price, you certainly want to ensure its quality. Fortunately, you can try ExpressVPN for free for 30 days With a bail return.

Update March 2021 : ExpressVPN is already down the price for a limited period of time. Up to $6.67 per month + get an extra 3 months free with an annual subscription package! This is a limited offer. So, be sure to pick it up now before it’s gone. See more information on this offer here .

3. Surfshark-VPN Murah with Quick-and-Simpel Settings

A company that says somewhat new, Surfshark ‘ s name is rapidly prominent thanks to Excellent security features, an impressive network of floatings, and a cheap price. By subscribing to Surfshark, you can use a VPN on the number of devices that are not limited at once. If you experience any problems, you can use the live chat feature to talk to the package. The service also has an innate evil program (malware) program, and even options for push your traffic (traffic) through some of the servers for additional privacy. The 30-day return of the money is available.

4. CyberGhost-Nice Once to Streaming and Torrenting out Easily on Desktop

CyberGhost has more than 5,900 servers, this means You always get the best speed. This VPN has a strict no-log policy, features a kill switch, and even a few Self-managed peladen based out of the country 14 Eyes. Some of its floats are optimised for various streaming services, so you can Open up on the Netflix block, and the other with one click. The service is highly affordable and allows you to contact up to 7 devices at once. This VPN provides a 45-day return of money , one of the most generous guarantees from the VPN provider. You can also try it for free-without needing a credit card -24 hours.

Update March 2021: CyberGhost has already dropped the price for a limited period of time. Up to $2.25 per month + get an extra 3 months free with a 3-year subscription package (you could save up to 83%)! This is a limited offer. So, be sure to pick it up now before it’s gone. See more information on this offer here .

5. PrivateVPN-VPN Basic with 24/7 Live Chat Support

The privateVPN offers an extra-safe 2048-bit encryption and unlimited bandwidth (bandwidth) width. This VPN is very easy to use, with process setting one click that allows you to protect your device in less than a minute. Its customer service is excellent, keeping you connected directly with the developer. And it’s also guaranteed a 30-day return of money.

Starting: How to Manage a VPN in a Different Device (Step-for-Step Guide)

VPN providers generally make it very easy to start, so do n’ t worry about the installation process too complicated! I have compiled a few steps guides for a simple step to get you to prepare it on your favorite device.

  • Desktops and laptops. Lompati to the guide for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • The smartphone. Follow the guide for Android and iOS devices.
  • Smart TV. Learn how to install a VPN even though there is no support for the native VPN.
  • The router. Skip to instruction detail.

Keep in mind that the steps involved can vary depending on which a VPN and which operating system you use. If you experience any problems, you can see the guide on your VPN provider ‘ s website.

3 Easy Steps: Instal VPN in Windows, Mac, and Linux

Many VPN services provide built-in applications for Windows, macOS, and even Linux. The process of installation is similar in all operating systems:

  1. Download and install your VPN. I liked NordVPN because it was fast, easy to use, and it could be Try it with a 30-day warranty return .
  2. When installation is complete, open the VPN client and Connect to server in your country of choice.
  3. That’s it! Now you can start browsing the internet freely and safely .

Quick Guide: Get a VPN on Android Mobile and iOS.

Nearly all VPN delivers special or dedicated apps for Android devices and iPhone iOS devices. Here ‘ s how to install a VPN on your phone or smartphone:

  1. Download the VPN from Google Play/App Store. My recommendation is NordVPN because it has a fast and easygoing mobile app. Try for 30 days on your phone !
  2. Open that VPN application, log in, and select the location of the server to connect .
  3. Done! Your smartphone is now protected by VPN.

Smart TV.

Most of the smart TVs in the market do n’ t have original VPN applications. If you want to use a VPN, you have to install a VPN first on your router (see instruction on how to do this below below ). Then, connect your smart TV to your router and will automatically connect to a remote VPN server.

If you have a smart TV running on Android OS, ExpressVPN has an Android TV app original that can save the hassle you ‘ re converting through the router .


Most people use a VPN on individual devices such as laptops and smart TVs, but You can also install it on a router to protect any device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Once you ‘ re done doing this, you do n’ t need to install a VPN in each device unless you plan on using it outside the home.

Before purchasing a VPN subscription, make sure the service is compatible with your router by visiting its maker ‘ s website.

The installation process depends on your router model and what VPN you use, but it usually looks like this:

  1. Download VPN firmware .
  2. Install and connect your router.
  3. Connect Your router to the computer.
  4. Access the router’s dashboard.
  5. Create a user name and password.
  6. Click the tab Firmware Upgrade .
  7. Upload firmware which you just downloaded for your VPN.
  8. Insert activation code from your VPN settings page.
  9. Click here Enable ( $ ).

Because its methods can vary, it is best to check the steps outlined on your VPN provider ‘ s website.

Tip: Here are some quick download guides (for various devices) to help you configure your VPN.

  • NordVPN Quick Download Guide
  • ExpressVPN Quick Download Guide
  • CyberGhost Quick Download Guide

FAQs on VPNs

😇 Is the VPN legal?

In many cases the VPN is completely legal . However, some countries with very strict censorship (such as China, Turkey, and Iraq) forbid it. The punishment if caught can be quite heavy, so remember this if you travel.

😅 Is the VPN really safe?

It ‘ s hard to give a straight answer yes or not because there are n’ t two identical services in its security features. VPN security depends on the technology and protocols that providers use. Find providers with 256-bit AES encryption, use of OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocols, and additional features such as DNS leak protection and kill switch to maximize security.

The location and privacy policy of VPN providers will also affect its security. If you want to choose the most secure VPN, Make sure the rescues aren’t in. Security Alliance 5/9/14 Eyes .

🤓 Which VPN protocol should I use?

OpenVPN has long been the most popular option , despite this time many people turn to the new WireGuard protocol. In the end use of the VPN protocol depends on how big the level of security and speed you need , also your device.

The following are the most common VPN protocols.

  • OpenVPN: The open-source protocol is popular and supported by almost all VPN. This is the safest protocol that exists and there is no known weakness.
  • WireGuard: Open-source protocol with tremendous speed and formidable security. It is expected to overtake the popularity of OpenVPN, but there may be a vulnerability yet to be found because it is still relatively new.
  • IKEv2: Fast, safe, and popular among mobile users. Its main drawback is not open-source and unauditable.
  • SSTP: The less popular and commonly used protocols are in Windows. It’s good to handle the firewall, but the speed is normal.
  • L2TP/IPSec: Most are used on the iPhone, although they are outdated. So, you’d better avoid it when it’s possible.
  • PPTP: PPTP is not safe and has been broken down by the NSA in the United States.

😎 Is the VPN making an anonymous moment online?

While many providers claim to offer you complete anonymity while browsing the web, the reality is that the VPN provides privacy, not anonymity. VPN will give you a new IP address of the peladen in a different location, but a VPN provider can still view your search data.

No VPN servers that can operate without storing logs, if not, the server will not be able to address the DNS request or solve the connection problem. However, the main difference is that The best VPN provider does not store your personal data records. This means that although they received a court order to provide information about your online browsing activity, they could not. This is especially true if they are not part of the alliance mentioned above.

While it does n’ t make you completely anonymous, it has a VPN still a great tool for improving privacy while browsing the web. If you want full anonymity, you have to pair your VPN with Tor, open network that does not collect any user information.

🤩 Is The VPN Making My Internet Slow?

VPN can slow your Internet connection because your data must be traveling through VPN servers. Not only that, VPN encrypts and decrypts your data, which takes longer.

However, different VPN experiences a different drop in speed, so it ‘ s important to make a comparison. Despite a slight decrease in speed, NordVPN -… ExpressVPN And … CyberGhost. Consistently can stream, torrenting, gaming, and explore without delay.

Your internet speed will vary depending on the pronunciation of which you choose. In general, the further its labeling, the slower your Internet is because it will take longer for your data to get there. If you are connected to the nearest peladen, you will almost not see the difference in Internet speed.

🙂 Do I need ISPs to use a VPN?

Your VPN will not replace the needs of ISPs. Your ISP lets you connect to the Internet, while your VPN is only protecting your data as you perform web-based activities.

Would I be able to use a VPN in more than one device?

Yes. Most VPN providers have specialized applications for some type of device and operating system.

If you want to use a VPN in more than one device, make sure the provider you select allows a simultaneous connection and has an app for all of your preferred devices.

Any device that the VPN can use?

It depends on the rescuer. Most of the premium VPN serves on Apple, Windows, and Android devices. Some even work in Linux, Kodi, smart TV, and even routers.

Typically, free VPN services are only functioning on a particular device. Make sure you check your provider before signing up or buying subscriptions to avoid disappointment.

Does the VPN save the log?

Yes, most VPN keeps the logs. Even though a VPN claims “without a log”, you need to read a small note in its privacy policy. Very likely you ‘ ll find that most VPN records IP address, bandwidth usage, payment information, and stamp time stamp your connection. However, The best VPN-VPN will not record any data that identifies . Meaning, there is no online activity when you are connected to that VPN that is linked to your personal information.

Should I use a VPN for torrenting?

Yes, very necessary. When performing the download and the torrent seeding, the IP address will be exposed to other users, so your device is at risk of cyberattacks. If it is found to be torrenting for illegal and copyright files, you will also deal with the government and the ISPs. It could be either a warning, a fine, or a prison sentence.

I suggest to using torrent friendly VPN to protect themselves . VPN encrypts internet traffic and provides a new IP address on the device, in order to disguise the user ‘ s identity and the torrent files on the server (many VPN that do not have this function). Make sure also your VPN of choice applies policies without strict logging, unrestricted band width, and high download speed.

Can I watch Netflix with a VPN?

That depends on the provider you choose. Although Netflix is available in more than 100 countries around the world, its impressions and films vary from country to country due to licensing agreements. But … A good VPN can help.

Netflix and other platforms like Hulu and BBC iPlayer block users based on their location, which they identify from its IP address. To avoid blocking or watching shows on Netflix that are only available in certain countries , you just need to connect to the peladen at that location.

Netflix is getting better at blocking people who use VPN, but many of the best VPN services will be able to tell you which floats can open up Netflix ‘ s bloating.

Can a VPN be used on Android?

Yes, with the presumption your provider has a special Android app. All major providers, such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost, have Android apps. Beware of free Android VPN services, as research shows that many of these apps leak user information or include malicious programs (malware).

Can a VPN be used on iOS?

Yes. Before selecting a VPN, make sure the rescuer has a special iOS app and that it ‘ s a leading company. All major VPN providers offer iOS apps

Can a VPN be used on Kodi?

Yes, The VPN can help you add a layer of privacy while streaming in Kodi. It can also help you access content that you normally ca n’ t do because of your location, and stream it safely from the correctness of (add-on) without having to worry about hackers and other third parties.

For the best result, select VPN with P2P support, Like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost. Also, make sure the provider has an app for all the devices you want to put Kodi on to it.

Can a VPN be used on smart TVs?

Yes. When selecting a VPN for your smart TV, make sure you choose which has an app for your device. ExpressVPN has an app for almost all smart TVs, and NordVPN has an app for AndroidTV. If you ca n’ t find a functioning app, some VPN providers offer detailed instructions on how to configure the VPN manually on your smart TV.

How do I use TOR with my VPN?

Using your VPN with the Tor network is the key to complete anonymity. All you have to do is:

  1. Enable your VPN connection
  2. Open your Tor browser

While you ‘ ll have an additional layer of privacy with these settings, however this might also make your Internet connection slower. If you ‘ re planning to download a big file, you may experience the problem so this is only good for browsing, streaming, and safe games.

When should I use a VPN?

Some of the main reasons for using a VPN include:

  • Hide your search data from a third party
  • Encrypting your online activities
  • Hide your location to open geographically constrained content
  • Protect yourself while at a common Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Getting a more affordable price while shopping online

Use a VPN whenever you need a layer of privacy, anonymity, and additional online security.

When should I not use a VPN?

There ‘ s no reason why you do n’ t use a VPN at all times. It will keep you safe from government, your ISP, advertisers, and even hackers.

What is the difference between a VPN and a proxy server? Which one should I use?

The proxy only covers your IP address, while the VPN also encrypts your data. Because of that, it better use a VPN because it’s much safer.

Can I trace it while using a VPN?

It depends on the VPN that you use. That’s why it’s important Learn how to recognize a qualified provider of VPN services. . If you download a VPN with a bad application of privacy, you may remain tracked even though it is already connected via Tor or using advanced features (e.g. multi-hop or obfuscation). You also ca n’ t always trust the marketing claims of VPN-many VPN “no-logs” ones that prove a lie.

That’s why. I recommend selecting a VPN with a proven non-log policy and record of good privacy. . For example, ExpressVPN is one of the safest options there is. In 2017, the Turkish government is requesting a user log from ExpressVPN as part of an investigation in the country. ExpressVPN has no legal obligation to comply as it is not subject to Turkish law (the company is located in the British Virgin Islands). Anyway, a strict no-log policy actually means no information can be given. This proved to be true when Turkish authorities physically confiscated one of its servers-no one found any identifying logs or customer data.

Is the VPN safe for online banking?

Yes, VPN adds an extra layer of security for online banking activities. This is very useful if you need to do banking transactions while traveling or using public WiFi in cafes, hotels, or libraries. Why is VPN encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address before reaching the bank server. So, your personal financial information is protected from a third party spying (especially hackers).

How much for a VPN subscription?

You can easily get a VPN with just $2 per month if investing in a long-term subscription package (2 years or more). The monthly package costs about $10 and the 1-year package is usually $6 a month. However, should price is not the only decisive factor in your decision -Of course you’d like to see the quality of the VPN and its features.

Should my phone be installed VPN?

Yes, the best is using a VPN on your phone if you value your privacy while online. Just like your desktop PC and your laptop, your phone is vulnerable to stakeouts by third parties and data leaks. Unfortunately, there are many apps containing malware and trackers specifically targeting Android and iPhone users.

With a VPN, you can keep your personal data safe and encrypted. You can also unblock websites and restricted streaming platforms from around the world, for example Netflix and Disney +, if you live in a country with online censorship.

Is a VPN required for streaming Popcorn Time?

Yes, I suggest use VPN Popcorn Time for security . Popcorn Time is different from Netflix, YouTube, or other streaming platforms-without a VPN, this is very risky. Popcorn Time is a torrent streaming client that uses a P2P network, making it easy for other users to monitor your original IP address.

In addition to the risk of privacy, you will also deal with the authorities and ISPs, if it is found to watch the material is copyrighted even without purpose. The torrenting activity may even be considered illegal in the country where you live. To avoid this problem, simply use a VPN to protect privacy while streaming using Popcorn Time.

Glosari General Terms of VPN (Explains Technical Jargon)

  • Alliance 5/9/14 Eyes : An international security alliance that works together to collect and share mass surveillance data. Any provider based in a country that is part of one of these alliances can record and forward your online activities. Here are the countries in each alliance:

  • Encryption : Random data with code so that it can be transmitted safely.
  • Global Content Content is blocked in some countries but can be accessed with VPN.
  • IP leak : When your VPN fails to hide your IP address.
  • ISP : Abbreviation of Internet Service Providers (Internet Service Provider). Your ISP is a company that you pay to give you Internet access.
  • Kill Switch (bleaching keys) : A VPN feature that automatically breaks off your Internet connection if it is not safe. This ensures your data is always encrypted and helps you avoid IP leaks.
  • Log in : Data saved your VPN provider about you and your online activities.
  • Multi-Hop -I A VPN feature that changes your internet connection through 2 VPN servers (not just 1), makes your device increasingly untraceable.
  • Proxy server : Peladen that acts as an intermediary between your device and the entire Internet. It enhates your privacy because you do not communicate directly with other servers, meaning your IP address is not visible.
  • Router: The device that sent the data between the computer networks. Your ISP usually gives you one to allow you access to the Internet.
  • TOR. : A software that lets you communicate online anonymously. It sends your data through networks around the world that are managed volunteering to make it very difficult for anyone to know where it came from.
  • VPN Client: The program you are installing on your device that lets you connect to the VPN server.
  • VPN protocol: A series of processes used by VPN and peladen clients to communicate securely with one another. Some protocols are safer than others.
  • VPN server: Computers are managed by your VPN provider that you can contact using your VPN client. Your data is revamped through the server, hiding the location and your actual IP address.
  • VPN service: Services that improve your security by encrypting your Internet traffic (traffic) and covering your IP address. It also allows you to pass the censorship by being seen to be in a different location.

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